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City cleans for visitors

August 4, 2013

David Morris, Minot The city of Minot should be ashamed....

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Aug-09-13 2:12 PM

To Nancy1: Aug 08 front page MDN. The first six people listed are the team that wants Pioneer Village moved. What does hostefest do for your church? I heard the opposite from a church. In 1976 we got hostefest instead of good flood protection. Now they are pushing for a new event center while saying flood protection may take 9 more years. Our new water treatment plant, grandstand and older state fair center were all in the flood and now they want to add a new event center to the flood zone. They are risking our tax money by building public facilities unnecessarily in the flood zone. We need flood proof sewage lift stations to prevent sewer back-up in our homes.

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Aug-08-13 11:55 PM

One of our news media said Hostefest wants to share in the event center planned to replace pioneer village. The hostefest president is in the meetings to move pioneer village. The original hostefest building was voted down and they have benefited from many fairgrounds improvements like padded seats in the arena which hostefest requested.

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Aug-08-13 10:32 PM

I think that the people of this town are spoiled rotten. Not enough sand in the winter, too much dirt in the spring, too many potholes, my street is always last to get plowed....etc. Ever notice when there is no travel advised in this city that Dakota Square mall is packed? When does the crying end?

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Aug-07-13 8:36 AM

well said

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Aug-06-13 10:33 PM

I do agree that the city is remiss in moving forward in the flood recovery. Why don't some of you run for city council?

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Aug-06-13 10:32 PM

Hostfest does not want to get rid of Pioneer Village. Where did you get that info? Furthermore Hostfest benefits so many churches and other nonprofit organizations. Our church benefits from Hostfest a great deal.

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Aug-05-13 11:40 PM

I confess to speedy travel but only under our "bridge to somwhere" on top of north hill--which no one uses. It is such a sham i am afraid it will fall down on me--so i throttle heavy to get past it quick.Our city council is just another chamber of commerce. I see rude drivers and speeding as disrespect for the city--there is hope 4 change.

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Aug-05-13 1:06 AM

If you think Minot traffic is bad this year, wait until Broadway is restricted to two lanes for the next two years while the viaduct is reconstructed. I believe over 12,000 vehicles per day cross that bridge and the number is increasing. What are the traffic planners doing to prepare for that?

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Aug-05-13 12:22 AM

It must be the thin air at those high chairs in the council chamber. A north side wall-mart could have reduced minot traffic city-wide. Now those who objected may get a blind-duck type bar and have no good argument against one. One can't be a good statesman when your wallet is your brain. Hard to do the right thing when your job is threatened by any objection you raise. Little Chicago we are. Hostefest wants to give Pioneer Village the boot. Getting rid of Hostefest could be the beginning of a better minot.

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Aug-05-13 12:02 AM

You are right. And the misquito spraying is scheduled for just before the fair. Greedy Minot fathers chose to make this an entertainment city 50 years or more ago. Now they use public money to help hotel occupancy. The state fair and hostefest are good examples of corporate welfare. Many eyes were opened by the 2011 flood. The revelation of the secret deal with Canada and the treatment of flood victims may well result in new city bosses who care more about the safety and well being of our residents than the pile of money in their account.

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Aug-04-13 11:41 PM

David is absolutely correct about the traffic situation in Minot and who's to blame, not the police because they are understaffed. I blame the inept city counsel. They sit around and pass ordnances which aren't enforced and think of ways to spend money that will benefit their friends and their special interest groups. Speeding, running red lights and reckless driving are the norm in Minot now.

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Aug-04-13 12:49 PM

David very good mention Traffic laws? Who needs them in Minot. Speeding is out of control, overweight vehicles on residential streets, illegal turns and forget the stop lights, might as well just run them like everyone else does. BUT one other thing 23 June lady drives the wrong way on a 4 Lane divided highway (83)and hits a man in the correct lane of traffic. And to date no charges have come from MPD, or ststaes attorney office, WHAT GIVES?

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Aug-04-13 11:44 AM

Dittos Dave. The streets need cleaning badly. I noticed the sand use last winter far exceeded any previous year, perhaps a nod to the new drivers in town. I happened to be working in down town Minot and noticed that the west side of Main Street near ManorCare had not been swept in late July. The East side of Main of course was hindered by perpetually parked cars. One of which was a California car with an expired licence. (duly reported and towed away) This was Main Street in late July. The city voted recently to hire 13 new employees. I don't know if they stuck with that clearly inadequate number, but it's time to loosen the purse strings and expand the work force.

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Aug-04-13 11:34 AM

Love the letter...Minot should be ashamed of itself. It needs to visit other growing towns and see how they work...they could use some lessons, and they wonder why people in SW Minot are so cranky because they are so depressed by being trapped in commmercial within residential....take a page out of somebody else's book. Or better yet get others a chance to really make things work better.......

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