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Frustrated in Williston

May 5, 2013

Troy Johnson, Williston Did Minot just get a tax adjustment like Williston? My lot value just went up 77 percent and my house value just went up 12.7 percent. That’s an 89....

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May-12-13 10:28 AM

"Keep it local". Well I won't pay sales tax unless, I need to. I will drive to Montana to get major supplies. I can go to Costco in Billings and pick up 6 months of home and vehicle supplies. In another 6 months go restock. We had our chance to vote, and blew it.

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May-09-13 6:33 PM

Well, namexxx, you get my nomination for Mr. Sunshine.


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May-09-13 4:30 PM

Really Jack? Is that what you think? How very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately -- we're not all moving forward. This backward state is quickly moving toward the grave.

AP reports -- the suicide rate among middle-aged North Dakotans rose by 70 percent in a decade, one of the sharpest increases in the nation.

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May-09-13 8:16 AM

Oh, and by the way Dusty...I reported all of your comments as abuse to the MDN...guess what, yours are still all there...BUT mine are gone, so I guess that disproves your theory of May 6th 300PM post!!!

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May-09-13 8:16 AM

I LOVE how the 1st Amendment to the CONSTITUTION of the US if all about FREE SPEECH!!! I also LOVE how the Minot Daily News...who by the way, is a part of the 1st Amendment, gets to delete the comments of whomever they choose!!

As you can see, Dusty is going off on a tirad on me, because THERE ARE 9 COMMENTS TOWARDS ME, yeah, count them...NINE!!!!! But none of MY comments are there...hhmmmm??? Wonder where my comments went?? (poof)

I posted 5 comments in this thread...3 of them were about the topic, and what it's REALLY like out here in the middle of the Bakken, and the last 2 were about MDN deleting my comments.

All of you who think that "Obama's coming for yer guns" and wail and whine about the 2nd amendment, need to remember there is a reason for the 1st amendment is FIRST!!!!!!!

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May-09-13 8:06 AM

namexxx...I feel that if we do continue to vote Democrat Party, while expecting the same results, as that IS the only way we can move forword....

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May-08-13 7:23 PM

Definition of Insanity:

Continuing to vote Republican but expecting different results.

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May-07-13 11:14 AM

I gues I should thank the city and state for flooding me out. I'am happy that I do not live in Minot any more

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May-05-13 10:34 PM

Steering around Stanley...

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May-05-13 12:05 PM

I took a break from getting some of my pre-seeding work done, it takes a lot of labor to plant all the peas we need at the Free Lunch Counter Café. And to plant them on our sustainable organic farm. And this year we are having so much problems with the cold, late spring effects of global warming. What to do....

But I must tell Troy that in order to move forword, we all must sacrifice a little more, we must be "willing to pay more". All in order to get the government services we all want and so deservedly need. I hope we can change to come together to agree we must move forword as a community. We did not build this alone....Votes for Gifts.....

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