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Federal government’s priorities have us confused

April 26, 2013

Remember years ago when North Dakota lawmakers approved legislation allowing farmers in the state to grow industrial hemp, a distant cousin of marijuana that contains only tiny traces of THC, the......

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May-01-13 11:05 PM

Are you kidding me? ND taking the lead in something other than passing laws that are unconstitutional? Nooooooo, we are controlled by Republicans and they won't do anything that would be good for the State.

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May-01-13 9:19 PM

Back on topic boys..If our state allows the growing of hemp and the rest of the country sees us as good farmers with good farm land and hemp is potentially a larger cash crop than marijuana and this is way better environmentally than oil and gas....Whats stopping us from taking the lead on this ? It's time we take a stand and be recognized for something progressive and intelligent.Let's put our state back on the map for something good.

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Apr-30-13 10:10 PM

Dustoff, you nut-job, do you get paid by the word, letter, or post? Your are nothing but a paid spammer. Nothing you ever post is even accurate, knowledgeable, or even close to the truth. You should just shut-up and spare all of us with half a brain.

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Apr-28-13 10:25 PM

All one has to do is misspell the word veteran..hit spellcheck and it will come up with the small V

So simple yet so hard for BG to understand..

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Apr-28-13 9:21 PM

DustOff, here's the real deal.

willgrr and his cronies like to go fishing. They like smelly bait and think trolling is best, 'cuz they think it'll bring them all the big ones.

Veterans (capitalized correctly, by the way) are to be thanked for their service. It's a disgrace to be disrespectful to any vet (this usage is also correct).

Pushback is great. Stick with your issues and don't let 'em get you down.

I'd tell willgrr et al to keep it classy, but deaf ears comes to mind.

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Apr-27-13 1:54 PM

Here you go Dust off.. Your right in your perception of the spelling..and when to capitalize...Veteran's Hospital would be caps but a veteran going to the Veteran's Hospital would not.

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Apr-27-13 8:04 AM

Early Bird I don't find either a drunk or a pothead very pleasing to talk to. I like to talk to people who have all their marbles in place.. at the same time.. People with butterflies in the brain are not to brilliant..

What I will never understand is why people hate themselves or have such low self esteem that they need to drink or do drugs to get their "groove on". Obvious they don't like themselves unless they have one of these to boost their moral.. Shame people don't like themselves so much they wish to destroy their brains cells. Do they think with less brain cells they will like themselves better or is it the case with less braincells they won't think about it as much.

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Apr-27-13 7:58 AM

Veritas"s attempt to post continuous, rapid fire retorts is a dud -- it's just a desperate, frantic fizzle

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Apr-26-13 7:57 PM

Ahhh, Man what was the question again?

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Apr-26-13 10:23 AM

Back in my day, those that smoked pot used to say, "Reality is for those who don't do drugs."

Confusion? Par for course. Today, pot's medical use will always be the excuse for pot smoking by those who don't have a medical condition.

Say we make it legal. Is there a way to effectively enforce a DUS (driving while stoned) provision? Breathalyzer? Walking a straight line? What would be the legal age to possess? 18? 21? Perhaps we'd better talk to insurance companies, legislators, and law enforcement agencies for their take on making it legal.

And if we don't legalize it, get the tobacco people on this. In no time flat, we'll see the ills of smoking pot all over the place. Then nobody will smoke it anymore, just like tobacco, right?

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Apr-26-13 9:42 AM

DustOff3, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..."

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Apr-26-13 7:17 AM

I am of the age that has seen pot smoked most of my life and I would rather talk to a pothead than a drunk any day. I think it should be prescribed by Dr's as medicine for those who can be helped by it. As a lesser of two evils, one evil being pain, disease and simple mental issues as opposed to the lesser evil of reduced pain, disease and mental issues should be the law of the land. It could be regulated just like all the prescribed medicines are. I don't know if the government will find benefit in making a medicine out of it but the people who find relief and a better life surely will.

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