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Overlook crisis averted

April 6, 2013

Well, thank goodness the Painted Canyon Overlook crisis has been averted....

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Apr-08-13 4:02 PM

Close it. You don't need to enter a visitors center to enjoy the badlands.

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Apr-08-13 10:15 AM

billgrr, we all know the king of c/p is somebody else. But I'll give you kudos. You look like you're trying your best to dethrone him. Best of luck!

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Apr-07-13 9:41 PM

billgrr, glad to see you can c/p. Well done.

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Apr-07-13 10:19 AM

Anytime you present factual information, the resident intellects of the right have no place to go but to attack the people and not the facts. The MDN did a disservice to the public by not completing the news. But, loco, dusty, billnot, can never put forth a factual presentation so therefore they resort to their usually petty, loser mentality of attack. Good one on ya too.

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Apr-06-13 9:31 PM

Same ol' diatribes, centerish.

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Apr-06-13 4:09 PM

"I got 98% of what I wanted in the sequester bill". John Boehnor. Stuff your fox news garbage. You had Republican control for over six years and that Put us here. You always forget that. Your obstructionist party is disappearing fast and rightly so.

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Apr-06-13 2:31 PM

Why was it even part of the sequester Dog and Pony Show to begin with? Who comes up with this nonsense?

You can spend some of the people's money all of the time, you can spend all of the people's money some of the time, and you can spend all of the people's money all of the time. Times have changed, so now, you have to steal some of the people's money all of the time, the rich are exempted, and President Obama hopes he can with an executive order, the 'Steal Everybody's Money Except for the Rich' executive order. Change you can believe in.

How much time is it going to take for the kool-aid drinking Obama voters who voted for him like lemmings running over a cliff will begin to feel that they've been duped by President Obama and the feeling of betrayal will begin to sink in, much to their chagrin?

Now or never?

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Apr-06-13 11:25 AM

Isn't it amazing that the MDN printed only part of the reasons for the "unexpected" source of the funds. Why would you not print where the money came from when other papers did? Oh, we must sway the news. The "unexpected" windfall came from two positions not being filled. So, money from two jobs will pay for this. Isn't that important to the story. Also, there are lots of jobs out there and contracts that are not being extended because of the sequester but that is not really important when you are trying to sway the public.

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Apr-06-13 8:48 AM

Hahaha they pushed the button and nobody jumped. I take this as a sign the ND people realize even the Feds can't erase the Badlands from view. The Badlands will always be beautiful and serene from every location.

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