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An openness to change

March 31, 2013 ?It’s not often that we see Latin headlines. Even less often that we see Latin cartoon captions. ?The election of a pope is one of those times. Well, maybe the only tim. more »»

Charging ahead in the Bakken

March 17, 2013 The Bakken is certainly in the national and the world news. more »»

The problem with time

March 3, 2013 Maybe I just missed it; I haven’t been following the state legislative session that closely. But they seem to be dodging a crucial issue That would be time. more »»

Would defense cuts endanger Minot AFB?

February 17, 2013 Minot has yet another concern besides dealing with the flood, the oil boom and high housing costs – a concern our municipal powers-that-be do not like to mention or perhaps even think about. more »»

The trouble with traffic

January 20, 2013 It’s about time for another mini-rant about too-high speed limits on North Dakota highways. The road fatality numbers were bad for last year, the highest in over 30 years. more »»

2012: A year of great change for Minot

January 6, 2013 While it seems like an overused phrase, 2012 was truly one for the record books while also being a year of great change in Minot. more »»

Strange bedfellows indeed

December 23, 2012 Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows, with a little help from religion. more »»

Costas' gun rant ill-timed

December 6, 2012 In the wake of last weekend’s murder/suicide involving Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs, who shot and killed his girlfriend before committing suicide, sportscaster Bob Costas apparently felt... more »»

Searching for social security

December 2, 2012 Social Security. Perhaps the only way to understand it is to write it this way: social security. No capital Ss. Because that’s what it is: social security. more »»

The statistics of an election

November 11, 2012 Hi-Yo Silver! Yes, the big hero in predicting the election results was Nate Silver, a 34 year-old math and statistics whiz. He went 50 for 50, getting all the states. more »»

Mixing Muppets and politics

October 21, 2012 The national election campaign has had its share of twists and turns and coincidences and ironies. The focus has gone from Main Street to Wall Street to Sesame Street. more »»

One of our best investments

October 7, 2012 I know, I know, I’ve written more than a fair amount lately about the Greatest Generation. more »»

Investing in our veterans

September 23, 2012 In all the talk about jobs, there is one group usually left out of the discussion: military veterans. According to the U.S. more »»

Who is Grover Norquist?

September 9, 2012 With all the back-and-forth spin and negative ads leading up to the national election, one important question has been mostly obscured. more »»

Greed is not a good thing

August 26, 2012 All of us who consider ourselves religious and/or moral have to admit that greed, and therefore gouging, is not good. more »»

Creating separation again

August 12, 2012 If there is anything obvious about our 2008 market crash and our subsequent economic woes, it is that regular banking and wild, risky investment banking need to be separated again. more »»

Wisconsin moving to N.D.

July 22, 2012 My hometown area in Wisconsin is moving to North Dakota. On the train. And I don’t mean Amtrak. It’s not people who are moving out here. It’s Wisconsin itself. The land. more »»

In the spirit of Art Buchwald

July 8, 2012 A few months back I wrote a column in honor of recently deceased Andy Rooney. This is modeled after noted humor columnist Art Buchwald who died in 2007 at age 81. more »»

Money and advertising

June 24, 2012 We certainly didn’t need any further evidence of money and advertising’s power. Yet we got it in the vote on Measure 4, where “yes” gave UND permission to retire the Fighting Sioux nickname. more »»

Missing part of the message

June 3, 2012 We just celebrated Memorial Day and we have Independence Day coming up soon, days on which we are reminded again and again how freedom isn’t free. more »»



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