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Class warfare: Who are victims?

January 26, 2014 We hear a lot these days about class warfare. And we hear about it mostly from those who have long ago won the war, those in the top one percent or point one percent income group. more »»

The problems with profit

December 15, 2013 There are things government can’t do that well. There are also things the private sector, with its profit motive, really messes up. more »»

The power of labels

November 24, 2013 Words, particularly labels, have considerable power. more »»

Evidence of our differences

October 13, 2013 The scientific evidence is mounting: we are predisposed to come in two main and differing varieties, conservative or liberal. more »»

The rest of the story

September 29, 2013 When it comes to welfare programs, the focus is almost entirely on those that help the poor. Those assisting the rich get mentioned only in passing if at all. more »»

Finding strength in numbers

September 22, 2013 LIVE UNITED: Two very simple and straightforward words. Two words that encompass so much for local communities and the Souris Valley Area. more »»

Think like a quarterback

August 25, 2013 Last column I mentioned our human tendency to narrow things down to two alternatives, usually a clear for-against division. more »»

Seeing more than two options

August 11, 2013 We humans seem limited to or cursed by binary vision. No matter how complicated a situation or problem, we see at most two options. more »»

The safety of Highway 83

July 21, 2013 Thanks to a recent letter in the paper, I see it’s time for another mini-rant about too-high speed limits and inadequate safety signs on North Dakota roads, particularly Highway 8. more »»

Questions to ask the IRS

June 9, 2013 Is the Tea Party a social welfare organization? That is the question the IRS has been considerin. more »»

Both sides of profit

April 21, 2013 There is a plus side and a minus side to the profit motive. On the up side, it does motivate; it gets people going, doing things. more »»

An openness to change

March 31, 2013 ?It’s not often that we see Latin headlines. Even less often that we see Latin cartoon captions. ?The election of a pope is one of those times. Well, maybe the only tim. more »»

Charging ahead in the Bakken

March 17, 2013 The Bakken is certainly in the national and the world news. more »»

The problem with time

March 3, 2013 Maybe I just missed it; I haven’t been following the state legislative session that closely. But they seem to be dodging a crucial issue That would be time. more »»

Would defense cuts endanger Minot AFB?

February 17, 2013 Minot has yet another concern besides dealing with the flood, the oil boom and high housing costs – a concern our municipal powers-that-be do not like to mention or perhaps even think about. more »»

The trouble with traffic

January 20, 2013 It’s about time for another mini-rant about too-high speed limits on North Dakota highways. The road fatality numbers were bad for last year, the highest in over 30 years. more »»

2012: A year of great change for Minot

January 6, 2013 While it seems like an overused phrase, 2012 was truly one for the record books while also being a year of great change in Minot. more »»

Strange bedfellows indeed

December 23, 2012 Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows, with a little help from religion. more »»

Costas' gun rant ill-timed

December 6, 2012 In the wake of last weekend’s murder/suicide involving Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs, who shot and killed his girlfriend before committing suicide, sportscaster Bob Costas apparently felt... more »»

Searching for social security

December 2, 2012 Social Security. Perhaps the only way to understand it is to write it this way: social security. No capital Ss. Because that’s what it is: social security. more »»



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