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Enjoying hunting’s impact

October 25, 2015 Mark Bent Surrey After reading Mark Sandness’s comments about hunting’s positive impact on North Dakota, I felt compelled to add my own observations on the subjec. more »»

Don’t be another drug statistic

October 25, 2015 Most of us make poor choices every day. Thankfully, these choices are usually pretty insignificant and the consequences are minimal, if any. more »»

Horrible issues with the VA

October 25, 2015 If only I could make my Representative, Senators and President feel what I feel. I went to bed around 10 after taking two pills for pain. I woke up at 3 and can’t slee. more »»

Poor interpretation of arts and entertainment

October 25, 2015 Well, well, how risque MDN! You feature a story about someone going to a brothel “just to relax and have a good time,” then consumes a cocktail of vegan Viagra causing him not to fit into the... more »»

Letters to the Editor 10-18-2015

October 18, 2015 Nelson Hall hearing aid interface great Charles Galloway Ryder I went to the Ann Nicole Nelson Hall for the first time this past weekend after they put the speakers in for the hearing impaired with... more »»

Attempting to recover what is ours

October 11, 2015 This is an attempt to get back a gaming device our daughter lost at Jim Hill on Sept. 30, 2015. more »»

More ideas on the Minot City Council

October 11, 2015 Minot has gone through many changes the last four years, many of which were out of our control. more »»

Proud we put the grownups in charge

October 11, 2015 North Dakota’s Industrial Commission showed leadership in its vote to modify the flaring rules. more »»

Let’s work to eliminate violence

October 11, 2015 In response to an article in MDN Sept 23, 2015, Jill Schramm “Workplace Violence.” Thank you for shedding light on this important topic. more »»

Heidi’s party has made the world unsafe

October 11, 2015 This is a copy of the letter I sent to Sen. Heitkamp: Dear Heidi, You made a comment when you were at the Minot Air Force base with U.. more »»

An indictment of Barry’s bad activities

October 11, 2015 Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro)? In my opinion his “why can’t we all just get along” attitude is the biggest threat to world peace. more »»

Industry should be held to goals

October 4, 2015 I recently learned that the North Dakota Petroleum Council is asking the North Dakota Industrial Commission to delay by two years the implementation of the benchmark goals designed to reduce natural... more »»

Leading us to the end of the game

October 4, 2015 I awoke this morning thinking about our young granddaughters. I appreciate that they will be safe and warm in a home and a daycare facility heated by natural gas as winter approache. more »»

NDIC made the right choice

October 4, 2015 Should the North Dakota Industrial Commission have changed the rules on flaring? Consider this: The only way to reduce flaring without added pipelines and gas plants is to slow down or stop... more »»

At-large was how it all started

October 4, 2015 With recent discussions of electing city officials at large, it might be worthwhile to look back to the beginning of city government in the summer of 1887. more »»

End of 80 years of tradition

October 4, 2015 On Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015, there was a full schedule of college football games. more »»

Pay for police, firefighters’ insurance

October 4, 2015 I think it’s a great idea to reduce the city council. We pay them a salary and we pay for their insurance. more »»

Do what you can to stop the madness

September 27, 2015 So, beat a kid who is totally outnumbered and miss one game. more »»

Explaining the intolerant policies

September 27, 2015 We enjoy our annual trips to Minot to visit my wife’s family and attend the Høstfest, plus read your paper’s conservative editorials which are nonexistent in the Sacramento Bee, the Left wing... more »»

Day of Giving committee gives thanks

September 27, 2015 Just two short weeks ago, over 860 volunteers came together to give back to our community for the second annual Magic Day of Givin. more »»



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