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Voter ID bill will make it harder for people to vote

February 13, 2013 - Andrea Johnson
Voter ID laws are a really bad idea that will deny the most poor and vulnerable among us the right to vote.

House Bill 1332, introduced by Rep. Randy Bohening in the North Dakota State Legislature, would require that voters have photo ID issued by the state Department of Transportation or a tribal ID.

Currently, state law allows people to show alternate forms of ID, such as a utility bill with their name and address on it, or to sign an affidavit asserting that they are residents of the district and have a right to vote. Once they have signed the affidavit, they must be allowed to vote.

As I noted last year, this sort of legislation is both unnecessary, since the state does not have a problem with voter fraud, and likely to make life difficult for people on the margins of society to vote. It is not always easy for someone who is homeless, or without transportation, or who has an inflexible work schedule to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles during business hours simply to obtain an ID.

This legislation, as in other states, seems squarely aimed at that population and at making it harder for them to vote.

House Bill 1332 deserves to be defeated.


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Feb-20-13 11:27 AM

lorexxx, I googled your story out of curiosity and found this woman was a poll worker in Cincinnati, Ohio. The WA Times story has the following...

"Ms. Richardson is nonrepentant.

“I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States,” she said when asked to respond to the voter fraud investigation that’s under way, Fox News reports."

Sorry that some on here won't believe a shred of the story because Fox News is associated with it. So here's a local source too...


"WCPO-TV reports Melowese being accused of voter fraud in Hamilton County.

“There’s absolutely no intent on my part to commit voter fraud,” Richardson told WCPO."

Well, OK then.


Feb-18-13 5:35 PM

disgusted, I don't see what the big deal is either. In Nov., we had LONG lines to vote. Most of the delay was folks who were doing the affidavits. We residents had to show ID--driver's license was the one most used. If we'd voted in ND before, we showed up on the workers' computer screens right away. Simple process. The bill's provisions would streamline the process even more. And the state would pay for the poor's IDs? What more could a person ask for?


Feb-16-13 7:36 PM

Rep. Kasper has stated that Sec. of State was at the committee meeting where voter ID amendment was discussed. Jaeger has stated that the biggest problem in ND is the affidavits. This amendment and therefore the bill will address that problem. People in NH have their picture taken upon addmission and as they change in appearance. I don't know for sure, but if those pictures are good enough for ID for medications, I would think they would be good enough for voter ID. The state will pay for the truly poor who do not have a picture ID. What is the BIG deal?


Feb-16-13 1:20 PM

Yeah, smiley faces are hard to gerrymander and purge, aren't they?

:-) :-) :-)


Feb-16-13 12:11 PM

Worried's world is small indeed. Whatever will he and others like him do, when the E-Vill Republicans are no more?

Pick the next target already...


Feb-16-13 11:49 AM

After the 2000 election was the start of the republican move to suppress the minority voter turnout by the use of ID restriction methods, along with jerrymandering of districts, and the purging of the voter registry.


Feb-16-13 9:36 AM

“Why the GOP is and will continue to be the party of white people,” Sam Tanenhaus, editor of The New York Times Book Review, asserts that “the GOP is in jeopardy, the gravest since 1964, of ceasing to be a national party.”

“The provocative theme would not have been unthinkable in the magazine’s 99-year-history,” states Peretz, “but the essay’s reliance on insinuations of GOP racism (“the inimical ‘they’ were being targeted by a spurious campaign to pass voter-identification laws, a throwback to Jim Crow”)

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Feb-16-13 9:28 AM

To quote the Secretary of State's office: "Is voter fraud possible in North Dakota? Yes. Have there been instances of widespread voter fraud in North Dakota? No. Does North Dakota have widespread problems with non-citizens voting? No."

Laws currently in place are sufficient. There is no need to make it harder for people to vote.


Feb-15-13 2:00 PM

Almost like the King of the Road song. Old stogies will have to do!


Feb-15-13 11:22 AM

Neither should they have to go out of their way to find voters to drive to the voting booths, but they do it. ANd why shouldn't neighbor assist neighbor in getting the ID? I am quite aware that petition fraud is different than voting fraud. But, people are people. You had stated that no one would falsely complete an affidavit knowing the consequences. I simply offered an example of a most far-reaching breach of trust that recently occurred in ND.


Feb-15-13 10:47 AM

If this passes, I imagine that both the Democrats and the Republicans will go out of their way to find people to drive to the driver's license bureau to get ID or to vote. But that shouldn't be necessary. The current law is sufficient.

There is other legislation being considered to address petition fraud, which is separate from voting.


Feb-15-13 10:34 AM

Would you ever think that 15 people who were given the responsibility to get signed petitions would sit in their dorm rooms all day and copy names and addresses out of a phone book? And then, when they finally admit quilt, get off with $500.00 fine and a little community service? It would never have entered my mind, till it happened. NO ONE got to vote on those two measures. Voter ID will greatly reduce the need for affidavits. When you find those people who are so disenfranchied, I will personally drive them to get their ID's.


Feb-15-13 9:54 AM

You overlook the law that is already in place to prevent voter fraud. If our hypothetical homeless voter, the guy living in a tent in someone's field or under a bridge or in some other temporary location for instance, is motivated enough to try to vote and able to get himself to the correct location, he can be challenged by the election worker if he doesn't have conventional ID. At that point, if he isn't scared off, he can sign an affidavit asserting his right to vote that warns him that he will face prison time if he is lying and says his information will be verified. Do you really think someone willing to go through all that is likely to be lying? For that matter, I highly doubt that the majority of oil field workers or others streaming into this state are Democrats. I'd say he's just as likely to be a Republican voter.

I believe in the people's right to vote and I don't think it should be made harder for them to vote. The system doesn't need to be changed.


Feb-15-13 8:15 AM

Petition fraud and voter fraud is a pretty effective way for career politicians to keep their career.

Feb-15-13 6:47 AM

GOP Fix Voter Fraud That Isn't There

Feb-15-13 12:20 AM

To get a photo ID is not that difficult as long as a person has a certified birth certificate. Andrea, in Minot the Dept of Transportation does not issue the driver’s license nor the ND State ID, the DMV office is at Arrowhead Shopping Center and yes public transportation does stop there. You are not required to get a new one every year.

Since ND is the only State that does not have voter registration and with the influx of new people in ND, how many are non-residents. Just because you have a utility bill does not make you a resident, one way to prove residency is to get a ND driver’s license or state ID. Legally you must be a resident of the state vote for a minimum of 30 days.

To say having an employer who is not willing to let an employee go get one is another lame excuse, because they would not be legally employed without a valid photo ID. If someone is employed a government issued ID is required for the I-9.


Feb-14-13 9:46 PM

People used to take pride in their responsibilities, their independence, honesty, and their duties as a citizen. Isn't like that anymore is it, Hope4change. And I too blame the progressives with the attitude of "I'm fine, but all those other people out there that need help, that can't think for themselves, that need help from the government to provide their alleged needs." The more dependent they become, the more dull their senses become. I keep thinking about the NDSU football players and the 'support' they got for their fraud. There is no pride. And, the standards have fallen into the sewer.


Feb-14-13 8:00 PM

Oh, you must excuse me, there is no VOTER fraud in NORTH DAKTA. 9 note to self- there is no implied statements on Andrea's blog. So 10,000 votes not counted isn't important to you. And only in your mind would this law prevent the 'disenfranchised' from voting. Good grief. The guy under the bridge is probably a felon and can't or shoudn't vote anyway.


Feb-14-13 6:49 PM

No, I said North Dakota doesn't have a problem with voter fraud. I'm sure there are a handful of fraudulent votes here and there, but certainly not enough of a problem to justify changing the entire system and making it harder for the disenfranchised to vote.


Feb-14-13 5:10 PM

Hope4change, you must be wrong. Andrea reported that there was NO fraud. ;-)


Feb-14-13 2:17 PM

She recently dyed her hair a brighter red, so DC better beware! ;-)


Feb-14-13 12:43 PM

I hope Heidi doesn't lose that mean streak she showed us, Rick came across more professional. I hope she shows Washington what a wild redhead from NoDak will do with their big city ideas. Wazooo!!!


Feb-14-13 12:17 PM

I suspect it's fairly common to schedule elections to make it less likely that opponents of a particular issue will show up. School districts might schedule bond issue elections separately from regular elections with a contentious political race to avoid having too many people vote "no" on raising their property taxes. They want more parents to vote, not senior citizens on fixed incomes who will vote "no."

As for this latest voter ID bill, Rob Port over at the Say Anything blog offered the observation on Tuesday that 10,000 votes were cast in the last election without photo ID or address verification and those votes might have made the difference in the Senate election between Democrat Heidi Heitkamp and Republican Rick Berg. Heitkamp, of course, won.


Feb-14-13 11:13 AM

To add to Worried's comment, I have always thought there was intended confusion and suppression of voters. More than one time I have looked at the wording of the measures we vote on and didn't know if I was voting for or against a measure. Why do they do that? In North Dakota I think the June election/voting day should be moved to March when many workers are able to more easily vote.


Feb-14-13 10:33 AM

Let's call this what it is voter suppression that is going on through out the nation. The republicans cannot win votes so they must suppress the voters from voting to win future elections. We want every one to have an ID to vote but we don't want a national registry on guns? What is wrong with this country?


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