Little return from tax dollars

Arnold Semchenko


I am writing about our poor roads on 30th St. from 37th Avenue to 54th Avenue. The road is only 1/2 a mile from the new Trinity Hospital creating a lot of dust from this area.

Over 200 cars travel on this every day and one week after blading, it is like driving on washboard. Hoeven gave Rice Lake many dollars for 23 homes and to upgrade their road, we have 54 homes in our area and cannot get anyone to take ownership of the situation.

We pay a good amount of taxes on (our) home and get very little back. Township cannot do anything as they do not get enough funding.

Most of our tax money goes to Minot and Ward County. I talked to county commisioners and they say they cannot help us.

The City of Minot has spent millions at the college stadium and the bubble. This is all fine, but take care of the taxpayers who work and drive this road.

Too much money is spent on sports and not taking care of taxpayers.

Too many bosses and all we hear is pass the buck.


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