Are you kidding me?

Nancy Bommelman


Are you kidding me right now? The legislators wants to be reimbursed for feeding their faces, but they won’t reimburse the teachers for school supplies?


I know a lot of teachers that take THEIR OWN MONEY and buy school supplies for their students. Nobody will give them their money back on things they buy.

Every year I bring backpacks filled full of school supplies to different schools around Minot, out of my own pocket. I do it because I grew up very poor and I know what it’s like to be without. Kids making fun of you and pushing you down. I don’t want to see bullying in schools because the student doesn’t have what they need.

I go to a school of my choice and give them these backpacks and supplies so the students have their very own. If you look at a child that is given one of these and the expression that it’s “theirs” nobody else’s. It’s an amazing feeling.

Now the teachers won’t get any money back? We have to feed the faces of the legislators. Half of them have more money than GOD! Some are lawyers, some own their own business, and we have to pay to feed their face?

This is a sorry state of affairs if this is what we have to talk about. They should be looking into an addiction center closer to Minot, so we can help the lost souls that need a little extra love. Help those people that are an addict. Everybody is entitled to a second chance.

Instead of feeding the legislators why not feed some of the high school students that are homeless and don’t have a place to live? How about that?