Senators recognize Minot AFB anniversary

Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer congratulated Minot Air Force Base on 65 years Sunday, releasing the following statements regarding the anniversary:

“The Minot Air Force Base has played a vital role in keeping our nation safe for 65 years and we thank all the men and women who have served here for their sacrifices on our behalf. We also recognize the many efforts of all those in the community who have supported the base,” said Hoeven. “The Minot Air Force Base has been an important part of the Minot region and is an important part of the community. I am particularly grateful that the Minot Air Force Base brought Mikey’s family to North Dakota. The Minot Air Force Base has played an important role for many families, and we pay tribute to its many contributions in our community.”

“To the men and women of the Minot Air Force Base, and the supportive community surrounding it, you make America great,” Cramer said. “For 65 years, you and all who came before you have faithfully served our country and lived up to your motto, ‘Only The Best Come North.’ Every day you go to work carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and keep us safe. Thank you for all you do.”


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