McKenzie County deputy injured in crash in pursuit

North Dakota Highway Patrol reports McKenzie County Sheriff Deputy Robert Shipp was in pursuit of a vehicle at a high rate of speed northbound on Highway 1806, 15 miles north of Watford City, on Friday evening. Shipp was attempting to stop the driver Tyler Defoe and passenger Candice Clark who had an outstanding warrant. Three Affiliated Tribes’ officers were pursuing Defoe and Clark earlier in the day but lost the vehicle. While Shipp was in pursuit, a deer ran out in front of his squad car. Shipp struck the deer with the front center of his vehicle at a high rate of speed. Airbags deployed and Shipp sustained minor injuries. His 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe was towed from the scene. Pursuit was terminated and suspects are still at large. Suspects were driving a white Chevrolet Camaro. Suspects are not believed to be a threat to the public. The accident happened at 11:27 p.m.