Pride Dairy coming to The Putt District

The Putt District is using its basement space as a clubhouse where they will serve snacks, drinks and Pride Dairy ice cream starting Sept. 1.

Taking a stroll down downtown Minot’s Main Street could only be made better by one thing – ice cream. The owners of The Putt District noticed the lack of an ice cream parlor downtown and decided to make the necessary addition themselves.

“I presented it to the team, kind of bringing back some old-fashioned ice cream kind of feel,” Putt District co-owner Eric Thoemke said. The team wanted to bring a homemade, small town ice cream parlor to Minot.

The owners of the Putt District – Thoemke, Matt Maldonado, Scott Gordon, Patrick Callendar, Jacob Collins and Amy Jenkins – had planned to make their basement area into a clubhouse where residents could hang out whether they were playing mini-golf or not.

“The team jumped on board,” Thoemke said. “Scott (Gordon) finished all the artwork down in the basement and we all put our noggins together on what kind of prices and flavors.”

Gordon and Thoemke toured Pride Dairy’s facility and tasted the flavors. Thoemke noted that the collaboration seemed like a really good fit for both businesses.

The response from the community has been more than positive.

“A lot of people have wanted something different other than Dairy Queen and Coldstone is what I’ve come to realize ever since making the first initial post (on Facebook),” Thoemke said.

When they can, residents from Minot and the surrounding areas will visit Bottineau to get a scoop of their favorite Pride Dairy ice cream.

“Pride Dairy did let us know that they have so many Minot residents that love their ice cream and they’ve gotten demands over the past several years to bring one to Minot,” Thoemke said. “So, this is kind of a cool gateway opportunity for someone to serve Pride Dairy ice cream.”

With the talk of the new ice cream parlor addition comes high expectations from the community.

“Minot is notorious for always adding some really cool things and it’s filled with so many creative people,” Maldonado said. “I think having ice cream in addition to a place that’s already kind of setting a new trend for downtown and to only enhance the location, I think it’s a great thing for not only the city but the downtown area.”

Recently, The Putt District was rated the No. 1 mini-golf course in North Dakota by Travel Pulse. Adding the Pride Dairy ice cream gives residents and visitors all the more reason to stop by, check it out and have a scoop.

The Putt District will officially start serving Pride Dairy ice cream on Saturday, Sept. 1. Some of its flavors will include Juneberry, Smores, Maple Nut, Bubble Gum, Cookies ‘n Cream and more. To learn more about The Putt District, visit the business on Facebook @ThePuttDistrict or head to their location downtown at 17 S. Main Street, Suite A.