Olson taking foundation he learned at NDSU football to Indiana State

FARGO — The golf game hasn’t gotten any better, but Grant Olson isn’t living in Terre Haute, Ind., these days to lower his handicap. The husband of LPGA Tour player Amy (Anderson) Olson is trying to turn around the Indiana State football program as an assistant coach.
So far, the results have been more noticeable behind the scenes than on the scoreboard. The Sycamores are 0-4 heading into their Saturday afternoon Missouri Valley Football Conference home game against North Dakota State. That’s the same Bison program where Olson won three FCS national title rings as a team leader at middle linebacker.
Whether that could help Indiana State — that Olson knows the details of NDSU’s Tampa 2 defense — is debatable. Bison head coach Chris Klieman calls it a big advantage in that Olson knows NDSU’s checks and adjustments at the line of scrimmage.
“Obviously, a guy like Grant is real smart and he knows the ins and outs of what we’ve been through,” said NDSU linebacker Nick DeLuca, who played with Olson in 2013. “There are some things that he’s going to know that are valuable for their side of the ball but when it comes down to it, it’s just football.”
Agreed, said Olson, who said NDSU could change a few things up “and I wouldn’t have a clue.”
“If there is anything that does, I would try to use it to our advantage, I won’t deny that one bit,” he said. “I think regardless, NDSU has the type of mentality that even if you know what they’re going to run, their still going to run it because they don’t think you can stop it.”
When Olson was at NDSU, the infrastructure was in place to be successful, mostly in terms of facilities and finances. He was one of the first coaches Curt Mallory turned to when he was named the head man at Indiana State last January. The two worked together at the University of Wyoming.
They hit the ground running and haven’t stopped.
“We’ve done tons of improvements, doing little things with fundraising, facilities, more meals to players, more money to their stipends, an Under Armour contract and the gear they get now to improvements with the offices,” Olson said. “You name it, we’ve done it.”
He said every coach was at every weightlifting session in the spring, among other football things players do. He was recruited to NDSU by former Bison head coach Craig Bohl and he followed Bohl to Wyoming after one year as an NDSU student assistant in 2014.