Majettes runner Wilder signs with Air Force Academy

Ashton Gerard/MDN Adrianna Wilder signed with U.S. Air Force Academy Falcons Wednesday and posed for a picture at the Magic City Campus Thursday. From left is Wilder’s brother, father, coach Carla Wahlund, Adrianna Wilder and her mother.

As the cross country season came to a close for most, it was only the beginning for Minot High School senior Adrianna Wilder. Wilder signed her National Letter of Intent Wednesday to run cross country for the United States Air Force Academy Falcons after graduation.

“It started with my interest in the Air Force and the military which stems from my background being that my dad is in the Air Force,” said Wilder about her decision to sign with the Falcons. “When I went out on my official visit and was able to talk to the coach, view the campus and really see that the school was the right fit for me.”

Wilder was also scouted by Louisiana State University, but ultimately felt the U.S. Air Force Academy was where she belonged.

“I’m very excited to run for a Division I school. It’s something I’ve really been working for since freshman year,” Wilder said.

Wilder came to Minot High in August from Louisiana. Having grown up a “military brat,” this was not a new experience.

With each team Wilder has been on, she says she’s been in different places. Her freshman and sophomore years were spent bouncing between the third and fourth spot on her Maryland high school team.

Wilder’s family then moved to Louisiana where she earned the number one spot on her junior year team. In 2016, Wilder placed 9th in the LHSAA Cross Country Championship for the Class 5A division with a time of 19:41.99.

“Coming (to Minot) it’s been like ‘wow, there’s competition, there’s lots of girls to run with here’ and I think it’s been really great and really helpful to push me in training having two faster girls to run with and train with to help me become better,” Wilder said.

Compared to Louisiana, Wilder says North Dakota’s races are filled with competition.

During the season, Wilder finished in the top three for the Majettes in five of this season’s meets, with her fastest time being at 19:54.29. Wilder was also recognized as the WDA girl’s cross country Senior Athlete of the Year.

Wilder’s parents, Lisa and Robert Wilder, are “extremely ecstatic” for their daughter’s decision. They say she’s worked very hard both academically and athletically to be able to achieve this goal of hers that she has held with her since the beginning of her high school career.

“It’s been awesome to have her as a part of our team,” said Majettes head coach Carla Wahlund. “She stepped right into her role (on the team) and did a nice job leading. She’s very knowledgable in her training and her tactics in racing.”

Wahlund says it’s impressive to be recruited by the Air Force Academy.

Wilder is very disciplined, as Wahlund learned throughout the season with Wilder. Wahlund would give her tasks and she would follow it out exactly every time with structure and discipline and those are qualities Wahlund says she’s sure the academy was looking at.