Renville County Job Development Authority helps local area businesses

Submitted Photo The Renville County Job Development Authority has supported the Prairie Bistro through JDA’s loan program. Prairie Bistro is located west of Mohall.

The Renville County Job Development Authority was created to address the critical issues of economic development and diversification within Renville County.

The primary purpose of the RCJDA is to create new jobs, save existing jobs, expand the local tax base, increase capital investment, and expand the primary sector and financial base of the area. They provide financial incentives through interest-free loans and grants, to businesses that desire to begin, expand, or locate to Renville County.

The RCJDA has assisted with many business startups and expansions through the years. The county has generated growth from the participation and dedication of local residents who choose to reinvest and volunteer their skills and talents. By encouraging a business-supporting environment, this, in turn, not only strengthens the entire community but the entire county.

Since the year 2000, the RCJDA has provided $300,301.15 in interest-free loans to businesses within Renville County. $120,469.65 has also been awarded in grants to various businesses and projects such as the Renville County Concessions Trailer, Mohall Public Library, Sherwood Homes, Renville County Gun Club, RBM Hospital Educational Fund, Bike The Border, and the Mohall Park Board.

The RCJDA realizes that community development is not just growth and that our current small businesses are the heart of a healthy town. The RCJDA will strive to continue to see local businesses succeed, prosper, and thrive.