Popular smart phone apps

There are smart phone apps available for virtually any purpose imaginable.

Want to change your look? You can, at least in photographs. FaceApp is one of the most often downloaded apps according to Google Android. The app enables the user to change a face on a photograph from a frown to a smile, or even from a man to a woman.

Weather apps remain high atop the list for both Android and Apple users, but far and away the most popular site is the social network giant Facebook. It is followed closely by YouTube, the Google owned video channel that has become a “go to” source for a wide variety of topics. Instagram and Twitter have earned a share of the app market too, albeit a much smaller piece of the pie than mainstays Facebook and YouTube.

A rapidly growing number of smart phone users have the Alexa app on their phones as thousands of households acquire Amazon Alexa devices every day. Alexa allows for everything from music to math to news to bedtime stories. With the use of an Alexa app such things as grocery shopping lists are displayed on smart phones.

Of course, apps for playing games, watching television shows and listening to audio books are available too. Then there’s apps for tracking airline flights, requesting an Uber, navigating roadways and Google maps.

Some smart phone users use specialized apps to monitor their home security systems. They have the ability to see, listen and talk, turn on lights and even set the temperature of a home thermostat.

Today’s smart phones are really miniaturized super computers that are built to utilize countless numbers of apps. People can use apps to do their personal banking, pay bills, track packages and use in place of a debit or credit card at the till. There’s seemingly no limit to apps that are available today and more and more apps appear on the market daily to meet whatever needs a person can envision.

For example, there are hundreds of category specific apps available for outdoor enthusiasts. Bird watchers can download Audubon Field Guides to help identify species of birds, even help keep a checklist and share sightings with other bird enthusiasts.

If a person is into hiking, biking or mountain biking there’s an app designed for that purpose. Included is information on numerous trails, including distances and degree of challenge.

Fishing and hunting apps can prove useful tools too, especially for those in the field who wish to track their location and know the whereabouts of certain landmarks or conveniences. Fishermen can get everything from an app from tidal movements to moon phases to lure selection.

In short, no matter what your need or interest, there’s probably an app you will find useful. All you need to do is find it on the internet or though an app store and download it to your mobile phone. Many are available for free or at minimal charge.