Gymagic finds a new home

An upper level allows spectators to see a sky-view of the entire facility. Toward the front is the recreational gymnastics area, with the competitive, more advanced area in the back. Ashton Gerard/MDN

Gymnastics is a great outlet for children of all ages to sharpen their motor skills, gain strength and, most importantly, have some fun. Minot gymnastics had been housed at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds for over 30 years until September 2017.

September 13, 2017, the new Gymagic Gymnastics opened its doors for the first time, breaking in the new permanent home for Minot gymnastics.

Gymagic director Talli Danelson said they were grateful to Renae Korslien and the staff at NDSF for the space provided for gymnastics, but a permanent location just made more sense.

“We had to move in and out each year during the summer, usually July and we moved back in mid-August,” Danelson said. The idea of having a permanent location started about four years ago. Directors before Danelson got the idea and project started. However, it wasn’t a simple ordeal.

Construction on the building originally started two years ago by Vercon Inc., but was then taken over by a different company. Unfortunately, the building sat for two years unfinished.

Real Builders Inc., based out of Minot, came in to finish the job. After two years, the building was finally ready for the eager gymnastics troupe to move in and not have to move out again.

Real Builders is a general contracting firm that has been operating in the Minot area for over 20 years. According to their website, they offer design and build services for single family homes, multi family homes and commercial construction. They say they are able to construct virtually any project in the area.

In 2005, Real Builders was awarded the Minot Association of Builders “Builder of the Year” award. They are affiliated with the following groups: Associated General Contractors of America, Associated General Contractors of North Dakota, Minot Association of Builders, North Dakota Safety Council, Minot Area Chamber of Commerce, North Dakota Ready Mix and Concrete Products Association and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Danelson was also thankful to United Community Bank, specifically Rob Fuller, for the funding of the permanent building project. All the pieces fell together to create a beautiful gym that can serve the community for many years to come.

With the final building complete, Gymagic Gymnastics started classes in the new building on Sept. 13, 2017. The new location, 5645 18th Avenue SE, is located just south of the new Nedrose High School on 55th Avenue SE.

“We were kind of nervous just because we’re kind of out of town a little ways,” Danelson said. “But I think it’s been great.” On average, the gym can expect to host around 500 people every 8 weeks, and is something Danelson is hoping to continue to see grow with the new facility.

For USA Gymnastics, the gym saw about 22 kids, with 10 additional high school gymnasts training for their high school seasons at the facility as well. Out of their competition level gymnasts, five girls qualified to move on to regionals from the N.D. State Meet March 17-18, though only three will be participating: Iyanah Sharp, MaKenna Peterson and Haley Canklin.

The Minot High gymnastics team was able to host their home meet in the new Gymagic facility. USAG and Minot High gymnastics coach Robbie Werchau said the first meet was a success.

“It was pretty exciting because we had so much space to work with and we had our new upstairs area for viewing and concessions and it just worked out so nicely,” she said.

There was no worrying about where or how equipment was going to be placed, Werchau said. They had enough space to allow teams different areas to “camp” during the meet, as well as enough room for parents to spectate.

“We’re going to find out for sure this summer,” Danelson said about the difference between the old location versus the new. “It’ll be the first time we’ll have summer classes. It’s going to benefit the kids so much, especially our competitive program, getting to practice all year-round.”

Another plus side is keeping wear and tear down on the equipment. Every summer, the equipment moved would sit in a trailer during the state fair, giving more possibility of damage. Now, the equipment is in one place to stay, which is a hassle Danelson said both the staff and parent volunteers are grateful to not have anymore.

Danelson said the new building offers more versatility. They are now able to host birthday parties, playdates and themed parties. It also boasts an additional 4,000 square feet more than the NDSF location.

On April 29, the center is introducing a Superhero Training Day, allowing kids to meet Black Panther and Wonder Woman and play on the equipment at the gym. The cost is $20, which includes a mask and a cape. The event is for children up to age 8, and is the first of many themed events the new center is looking forward to hosting.

To learn more about gymnastics in Minot, visit Gymnastics Inc. – Gymagic Gymnastics on Facebook.