Grant awarded to study feasibility of commercial greenhouse

Site would be Coal Creek Energy Park

Submitted Photo Coal Creek Station, North Dakota’s largest power plant near Underwood, is shown in this photo. A study is being conducted to determine the feasibility of co-locating a commercial greenhouse at the Coal Creek Park.

UNDERWOOD – The North Dakota Ag Products Utilization Commission (APUC) recently awarded Great River Energy and North American Coal a $75,000 grant to assist in determining the feasibility of co-locating a commercial greenhouse at Coal Creek Energy Park at Underwood.

“The availability of excess heat and carbon dioxide at a common location presents a unique opportunity for a link between agriculture and the energy industry,” said Rich Garman, senior project manager at Great River Energy.

Although Great River Energy and the North American Coal prepared the grant request, the study will be geared at determining if a third party greenhouse operator could economically construct, own and operate a greenhouse at this location.

“Great River Energy continuously evaluates opportunities like this to bring to the Coal Creek Station energy park,” said Garman, “Synergies are achieved when co-locating industries in an energy park.”

Great River Energy, North American Coal and Knorr Farms also received funding from the North Dakota Industrial Commission earlier this year to research how to utilize resources derived from a power plant and what response carbon dioxide would have to greenhouse agriculture.