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What should be the primary goal of the U.S. regarding Iraq?

  1. Spread democracy
  2. Combat terrorists
  3. Achieve peace
  4. Support allies
  5. Protect our interests
  6. Get out
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Aug-13-14 11:49 PM

73hockey- i'm not left, I'm not right and I'm not center. I'm all over the map. I take in the facts, I make my decision and if more facts come out then I can change my decision. This is how an atheist scientist thinks. Make judgements by what is presented.

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Aug-13-14 5:01 PM

A Garr that lives in North Dakota in or out of the water.

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Aug-13-14 5:00 PM

I justa feel that you are on to something there JackAaah...and since we are on to names; have you ever found a WmGarr that parents all these offspring's?

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Aug-13-14 10:29 AM

"Dirt huger" Peewee? I thought you lefties were not racists?

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Aug-13-14 10:05 AM

i think the majority of the people want a calmer country it is just the bad news makes for better news and in some minds the attention they get looks good. it would help if the news or any information would tell the good.

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Aug-12-14 11:16 PM

People need help? The USA went into 3 countries and now there are 3 civil wars. You have to stop "helping" people who don't want it. Democracy doesn't work in all parts of the world. Sometimes you have to gas a certain part of the community to keep all other people in line. Saddam knew this and kept his country in order. It probably wasn't nice or pretty but it was effective to keep those dirt hugger from killing everyone including more women and children than Saddam ever did. So I'm sure Iraq at this time was wishing there was a Saddam to beat back the ISIS... he didn't mess around and you can bet your bum nobody would be screwing around in his country. And let the record show that Saddam hated terroists just as bad as the USA did or does.

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Aug-12-14 10:47 PM

you doent let the bullies run the world, if it were i i would like sombody to come help fix the mess. it has to do with treating people the right way i find it hard to sit in a nice house when so many other people need help.

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Aug-12-14 9:05 PM

Our primary goal was Bush one-upping his dad -- who the righties called a wimp because he was smart enough not to topple Baghdad.

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Aug-12-14 8:22 PM

g. Cleaning up another Republican mess.

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Aug-12-14 6:07 PM

Vegas: The USA spends a trillion dollars on defense spending. That is crazy when they have no real enemy. Yes Russia to some degree but anyone can't hit the USA with missile launches. Why spend billions on new air craft carriers when nobody else has any. The USA has 12. Why spend money on tanks when the army doesn't want them and they are wrapped in plastic in the desert.

The defense department has become a jobs creator. It employees to many people and they need to axe the defense budget by half. Then use that money to pay off some of their debt

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Aug-12-14 9:54 AM

Pretty far stretch there rickrod, since he was hung by his own. But hey, there is no middle ground with you guys, so...

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Aug-12-14 9:45 AM

What the heck is the UN for? Shouldn't they be the entity fighting the worldwide terrorism crap??

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Aug-12-14 9:38 AM

If Bush would not have murdered Saadam none of this would be going on. Yes murder for starting an illegal war.

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Aug-12-14 9:20 AM

Hey pee wee, again I agree to some extend on your comment, but Woodrow Wilson (Social Dem) wanted the income tax to support BIG government projects. Now we are spending about 5% on defense and the rest mainly on social services (welfare, education, food stamps, medicare, etc etc

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Aug-12-14 8:48 AM

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Aug-12-14 12:27 AM

locating those tons and tons of WMD

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Aug-12-14 12:07 AM

This is about money and nothing else. GET OUT OF WARS USA.

The Federal Reserve is a private company. It lends money to the USA government WITH interest. As a result the government is unable to climb out of dept. What is the best way to gain more power and money. Wars. Why? Because to fight wars you need to borrow money. This increases the debt. As of now all of your income tax goes to making interest payments to the federal reserve, which the income tax was suppose to go to government services.

All powerful men in the USA (Rockerfellers, Morgans, ect..) were the setup men for this. They caused the great depression and made billions off of it and helped implement the Federal Reserve. If you control the money you can control governments and the world.

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