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Are you seeing benefits from property tax relief?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Aug-14-14 7:53 AM

"at least church makes people reflect on themselves, for good reason!!!"


Aren't you fathering a child without benefit of clergy with sickword? Aren't you the soon to be father of a b******d child? WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!!!! You represent your party quite well.

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Aug-12-14 12:18 PM

I justa don't know why this 'property tax relief' is justa being bantered about...even by those of my Democrat Party. I justa feel that it all DOES belong to Caesar...

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Aug-12-14 12:36 AM

Things aren't born gay......if so, it's a terrible gene and needs to be eradicated!!!!!! Because, the purpose of life is to procreate, once again science class, now in session, wild animals such as deer, elk, moose, come into estrus once a year, domesticated animals more frequent, the drive to procreate is ever apparent, males fight sometimes to the death to pass on their genes, even seen cow moose fighting for a bull......they almost disregard everything around them, one main focus for that brief part of the year. Humans didn't evolve by being gay. Period

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Aug-12-14 12:19 AM

Weepee, I don't care about Wikipedia crap, you can edit it yourself, well you couldn't I don't think earth is 6,000 years old, i told you, haven't opened a bible since I was a kid, about 9 or 10. You really are dense! I'm saying kids that go to church with their families aren't the kids breaking into cars, houses, doing drugs, shoplifting, on and on......some rebel and go that route but most who stick with it are good people, that's a fact. As for slavery, murder and the rest of your ramble, times have changed in many ways weepee, I don't think you have to worry about a baptist, a Lutheran, a catholic of today enslaving anybody nor murdering their kids for disobedience. I would however be worried about a young liberal kid (Eric Harris, Dylan klebold, aurora theatre shooter)!! And no I'm not watching animals dominate other same sexed animals, I've seen plenty of cows (females) jump on the back of other cows, dominance weepee, same reason a dog humps a persons leg

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Aug-12-14 12:01 AM

HA HA. Your baby is going to be gay, then will you be sticking around? Conservatives all love the rights of fetuses until they come out as gay then "No rights for them"... God doesn't like pre-marital sex. You're a sinner.

Bastard Child is when you aren't married when the baby is born.

My gosh, go to school and get educated. You don't even know the definition of what your child is going to be.

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Aug-11-14 11:56 PM

Oh come on garr, marriage is just a piece of paper!!! I'm not going to get married because we're pregnant!! Wrong reason to marry somebody!! I don't really care what people say, or think, it's nobody's business but ours!! And for your information, a********child, is a child without a daddy.....conservative daddy's stick around, because that's what life is all about, carrying on the genes, the name, the family traditions! Sick world and I made some mistakes, we're people too, but nobody is going to have to worry about paying for them, there's where my conservative is douche! I'm going to pay for my babies, cash money, dolla dolla bill y'all!!

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Aug-11-14 11:54 PM

You think the bible is a good way to raise a child on. You do realize there is slavery, its ok to kill children if they disrespect their children, murder not to mention. The bible is full of hypocrite preaching, not to mention copying the book of the dead from the Egyptians for the 10 commandments. So yeah, you won't win the argument that the bible is moral or original.

Believe the world is 6000 years old. That is what fox news, rush and your republican party preach. So I forgive you on your misdirection.

Once again, you preach there is no homo activity in nature yet you fail to do research, you just throw lies out there and hope something sticks or are you just used to the same republican audience that just takes your word for it. I even handed you proof and you can't even read about what happens outside your bubble.

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Aug-11-14 11:20 PM

Okay idiot liberal! Here's the facts, dolphins, monkeys, and humans are the only mammals that have sex for pleasure....that being said, homosexual behavior in animals is not homosexual at all, it's a dominance behavior, there's never penetration, certainly no reproduction! And what kind of sick SOB would look that up?! You are a confused, lost, weird, and just plain stupid!! The greater good of humanity you say? There'd be no humans without hetero's, they would have long passed most likely from diseases. Focus your attention to yourself, make you a better human being! I told you I wasn't religious, but my girlfriend is and I respect her for it, I've noticed that the bible, (to me) is a guide to being a better human being, not saying I've read it nor opened one since I was a kid, but I certainly don't think it's a bad way to raise kids, nobody today holds anybody accountable to anything, at least church makes people reflect on themselves, for good reason!!!

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Aug-11-14 10:47 PM

Ummmm, there are gay dogs, cats, bulls, ect. in nature. *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals

google anything gay in nature and you will have a bunch of examples.

And why must you constantly call me a lib? I'm not liberal, I'm not conservative. I'm just for siding of the politics which is for the greater good of humanity.

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Aug-11-14 9:29 PM

You idiot!! I'm not religious, not at all! You libs are smart, so aware! Are you into science? Next time you're volunteering for the ASPCA, take notice of the animals there, how many gay dogs and cats do you see? This is why your liberal views are just moronic! Science doesn't allow things like this to happen in nature, without procreation there'd be no animals, I do side with the religious folk on this one!! If you can't breed, you won't 101!! So tell me again, how you believe in science, but not the breeding part of science! You don't pick and choose with science, libs can, if they think it, it must be right! And you're not better than me at anything, aside from bending over!

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Aug-11-14 8:57 AM

WeePee, go home, leave our goats alone!!! It's kind of ironic that the dumbest individual posting on the mdn has the balls to call anybody stupid!! Your posts appear to be written by a third grader, that's even a don't know which side you're on from day to day, I.E. global warming comment....stupid Americans made it possible for you to have a career in telemarketing, so be humble re-tard!!!

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Aug-10-14 6:01 PM

All I can say is where were all of you when we voted on eliminating the property tax? Keep it local all RIGHT! Now we are paying the price!!!

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Aug-10-14 3:56 PM

(In my normal india accent). Raj my friend. Why are you stupid Americans not able to spell properly. The misspelled word was "refief" and you go and misspelled the misspelled word with "refirf'".

You Americans can't spell a Ton but you can certainly drop it on better educated countries. Is that how you plan to be #1 in the world again?

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Aug-10-14 10:17 AM

I typed in 'refirf' and got the underscore which indicates a spelling error, why wouldn't the MDN have at least as sophisticated a spell check program as Firefox uses.

I skirted right over the misspelling myself. Have you all seen the internet mailings that demonstrate how badly words can be misspelled but still deciphered? Kinda like reading a Legend post, which I generally agree with, but which I have to pass

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Aug-10-14 9:49 AM

I think the taxes should go up to pay for more schools so Wally1 and Legend can go back to school and learn that reFief isn't a word.

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Aug-10-14 9:47 AM

Ok, I'll bite. What is reFief? I mean come on MDN, the F and the L aren't even close by. Did you take the weekend off and let your 5 year old make up and spell the words?

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Aug-10-14 9:12 AM

New school bond, the county needs more 4 the courthouse and city water is going up to name 3. This is what republicans call progress. They can have it. This is how nationally the money has dramatically shifted 2 the top. Correcting our income inequality would not be paying those who don't work (per republicans). It would b justice.

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Aug-10-14 5:21 AM

how can one see any relief when you have so much greed. Ever since the oil booooom. prices sky rocketed.

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