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Is it time for the United States to tighten up its southern border?

  1. Yes, now
  2. No change needed
  3. Long overdue
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Jul-11-14 3:28 PM

What do "happy Obamacare customers" have to do with "tightening up the southern border?"

Nuthin' unless you're a cheerleader...

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Jul-11-14 7:21 PM

Polls schmolls

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Jul-11-14 7:35 PM

Can billgrr dispute that many people are paying more for their healthcare policies than before ACA?

That would disrupt the feelgood post...

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Jul-12-14 12:10 PM

you go, weeweepeepee...we justa could not move forword unless we accuse those Republics of being racists...

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Jul-12-14 12:11 PM

fauxcenter....I heard that also on Ms.NBC....I know it's not true, but let's go with that to move our Democrat Party forword....

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Jul-15-14 8:22 AM

wade...that bothers me also, I really hate it when we get ANY of that money back that our state gives to the federal's justa welfare at it's worst....

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Jul-23-14 1:56 AM

Pravda Bill and Miss Information: Boy! This changes everything! I don't know what I was thinking! How could we have been so wrong? You mean, three quarters of Republicans actually like Obamacare? Well, then, I guess the debate is over. All hail Obamacare! All hail Obamacare.

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Jul-23-14 2:08 AM

Back when I was little boy in Mother Russia, we got phone call in dead of night telling us that we like work in Volga factory, or else. Later same night get another call - ask us that we enjoy work in factory. We say Da. Next day on television news, they say 98 percent rather work in factory than do anything else. We are very concerned for 2 percent.

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Jul-23-14 2:11 AM

"Nearly half of ND's state budget is welfare."

What are you prepared to do to change this?

Your fake indignation is a pathetic joke.

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Jul-23-14 10:36 PM

Actually, the pathetic joke is you TeaPubs storming around crying that you're "Taxed Enough Already!" -- when, in fact, you're one of the country's biggest welfare queens.

The truly pathetic joke -- is that the nation's #1 beer drinkers have deluded themselves into believing that Black people and Mexicans are the lazy folks draining the system!

You don't hear any indignation from me pal. I have nothing to defend. You hear recrimination and accusations of bald-faced hypocrisy.

I'm only bearing out the truth that REPUBLICAN, Mitt Romney pointed out about the takers who are:

"dependent upon government." yet who "believe that they are victims" and are therefore entitled to keep taking.

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Jul-24-14 10:13 AM

Back to the topic at hand. In my opinion we should have done border, port and visa/passport security in 2002. However, the powers that be decided it was more important to fund going to war in Iraq. And since that was going to send the budget into the red, our security took second place.

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Jul-24-14 5:52 PM

"When you take a look at the problems our country is facing, debt is No. 1."

-- Republican, Paul Ryan


"I would cap federal spending at 20 percent of GDP. I would also institute a five percent across-the-board spending cut for all non-security discretionary spending and cap all non-security discretionary spending."

-- Republican, Mitt Romney


"The debt and the deficit is just getting out of control."

-- Republican, Paul Ryan


"To help create a better environment for job growth, far more spending must be cut."

-- Republican, John Boehner

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Jul-25-14 6:03 AM

"Nice! Quality post from anger??"

Frankly, yes, quality post from anger, who seems tired of all the accusing with none of the fixing from some lefties.

How about you, centerish? What would you do specifically about this claim (if true) of PJinfinity's?

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Jul-25-14 6:06 AM

So PJinfinity agrees with those quotes so skillfully c/p'd, and has already phoned any and all Democrat representatives from his/her district/locale to let them know that spending needs to be curtailed?

Really and truly?

Well, I'm a believer...

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Jul-25-14 6:14 AM

DakotaBorn, I am one of those who's noticed the decades-old sieve at the border. It is the fault of those who would erase our borders if possible: globalists whose goals are not as easily met with a US interested in its sovereignty.

Yep, Republicans and Democrats alike.

So should we practice isolationism? No, but enforcing existing immigration laws would have been appropriate for some time now.

I give credit to those who've entered this country legally (good for them!) and give no credit to any who perpetuate illegal immigration, for whatever reason.

IF we are a country of laws, we should see them at work in border security and legal immigration. If laws are created to circumvent a secure border and to promote illegal immigration, that's a bad law that was passed. Yes, even in 2008.

No documentation, deport - just like it happens in most developed countries all over the world.


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Jul-25-14 9:07 AM

"give me your tired, you poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" Where did I hear this before? But, what is the name of that law that was passed almost unanimously by the House and Senate in 2008? "The W.W. Trafficking Victims Reauthorization Act of 2008." So, this is a bad law or there is no reason for the law? These people are just flooding the US and we can use this as a political foil instead of working on solutions. Following are some c/p facts on the situation. Take note of the increases in requests to other countries. Maybe if the immigration bill in Boehnor's desk were allowed to be debated in the House, a solution could be worked on. But the "do-nothing" House still does NOTHING.

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Jul-25-14 9:08 AM

"While the United States received around 85 percent of all applications for asylum, the UNHCR report also found a 435 percent increase in asylum requests from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in other countries — Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize.

This isn’t a new trend. CBP has seen an effective doubling in apprehensions of unaccompanied minors from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras for the past few years — even before DACA. The number jumped from just over 4,000 in 2011, to almost 10,500 in 2012, and 26,000 in 2013. This year the current number stands at 39,000 for the same three countries." These people are fleeing: Why- next page-

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Jul-27-14 1:36 AM

Give me your tired, your poor... your weak, your malleable, your sexually exploited minors, your sexually exploiting adults, your grifters, your gang members... A whole new generation of future citizens beholden to the Democrat party.

What a brilliant strategy! Import new voters! I don't know why Democrats didn't think of this years ago. We've had the Motel 6 of border crossings for quite a few years now. The only thing we've been missing is the Tom Bodett to do the advertising.

Obama is our Tom Bodett.

"Come to America. We'll leave the light on for you. Oh, and um... We won't send you back if you enter illegally. And we have healthcare... and food stamps... and housing assistance... and Telemundo..."

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Jul-28-14 11:07 AM

"...W.W. Trafficking Victims Reauthorization Act..."

So all the people, very young to young adults, are supposed victims of trafficking?

That is what the law was to be addressing.

Do tell, centerish, how all the youngsters at the border qualify under this law as victims of trafficking. Can we count on you for the facts?

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Jul-28-14 11:09 AM

The Democrats are wrong about the border.

It is not secure. It is a sieve.

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Jul-28-14 9:29 PM

If the southern states would stop hiring hiring folks without legal passes; the problem would not exist. Those who promoted iraq now want to ignore children running 4 their lives.Follow the money; the refugees have little.

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Aug-05-14 10:23 AM

Lets trade rove, bachmann, rush, palin, reid, walker, and their cohorts for central American refugees. Only one group matches the invitation on the Statue of Liberty. Oops, add clivan bundy 2 the first group.

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Aug-06-14 9:38 AM

Yep, LegHorn with his usual and tired rant;

Obama's Report Card

74% are Dissatisfied


So what is UP with Obama

Prices, Poverty and Debt!

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Aug-22-14 9:39 AM

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Aug-25-14 10:05 AM

Tighten up the texas border so perry can't get out.

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