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Are you surprised at the number of spills of oil and related fluids being reported in the state these days?

  1. No
  2. Surprised
  3. Startled
  4. Shocked
  5. Oblivious
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Jun-17-14 8:25 AM

Keep up that "logic" of yours, centerish. Class envy is never pretty.

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Jun-13-14 7:13 AM

Baffled, I like the flat tax idea too. Cut out all the loopholes and just pony up the percentage. Life would be so much simpler, and freedom from the "deduction shuffle" would be priceless.

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Jun-13-14 7:10 AM

I expect our state's officials that have been elected/appointed/hired to regulate the oil industry to do their job to keep North Dakotans safe from some of the results of that industry.

Am I surprised? I'm better informed, and I hope those who mess up, make mistakes, get careless, cut corners to save money, etc., will be held responsible for cleanup.

That's the best way for "Oil Can." If you can't, don't come here to do business. Period.

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Jun-12-14 11:50 PM

It should be a flat tax rate, no higher than %15, or since you all think rich people live so lavishly, institute a national sales tax.......the more you buy, the more you pay(that last one was straight out of Steve Forbes mouth) you know the guy with his own magazine and special "list"!!!

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Jun-12-14 11:41 PM

People do dumb things, leaks happen, but keep driving your car, drinking out of plastic bottles, heating your house with LNG, basically all the comforts and modern amenities you enjoy have a petroleum based product in them or what involved in making them possible! Burry your head in your "CENTERFIELD" lib you won't live forever!

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Jun-12-14 11:37 PM

Never said I was the best nd has ever seen, lots of welders go 10, maybe 15 years without repairs. There are three disposals in this state, that take "oilfield waste cuttings" you know the radioactive crap in these said socks, just because ND hasn't approved a site to build a dump for said socks! There's one in Indian hills south of willy, the Mcgregor site (I built) takes it and one other! So.......why is it different than a filter sock? See they grind the cuttings up, mix it with saltwTer to make a slurry and pump it down an old abandoned well! Kind of a recycle program, hey hey hey, big oil is going green!! The place in noonan where these socks were dumped looks horrible to all, the guy who owns that property was getting around $7/sock to deliver them to Idaho, instead he dumped them in an abandoned gas station he owned and fled......he's a dirt bag! So it's all of are faults a local DAKOTAN did this and we're all trash? You gotta understand, fittings fail, things happen,

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Jun-12-14 9:44 PM

Thanks JustaGarr, you input is always welcome.


Jun-12-14 9:05 PM Agree | Disagree

"I had "I like to drink clean water." removed."

~~~~~~~ So really, you're Garr then. Thanks for the confirmation. You're welcome.

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Jun-12-14 9:05 PM

"I had "I like to drink clean water." removed."

I've had more benign posts removed in the last 10 days than in last 10 months.....

MDN hired a new publisher last week.....

Wonder what his take is on this blog board..OR..Wonder what his orders were!!!

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Jun-12-14 8:38 PM

For Whom Does the Bell Toll? It Tolls for Thee.

Gosh can't remember who wrote it...was it authored by willies or Mike Quinn?

Question is...should I double post this?

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Jun-12-14 4:56 PM

First of all Notso centerfield, the 12-17% you claim that is paid in by the "rich" is more in one year than you pay in during a one month period. Get over it, people make more than you do because they constantly push themselves while you count your food stamps thinking poor me.

PJ, that comment was racist.

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Jun-12-14 2:19 PM

The only thing you are proving is how little mentality you have by arguing and disagreeing with someone whom you have no clues work history!! But you are a lib so it don't surprise me!

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Jun-12-14 2:09 PM

Centerfield, I have no clue exactly where baffledbyliberals locations are, but know he built them! Why don't you save face and try arguing with your cat instead! Wow! Maybe I should contact your "mr. R's" office and tell him that a poser is blasting his face all over MDN comment section! Get a life!

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Jun-12-14 10:22 AM

I was wondering if you had notified Mr. Radig's office of the locations of your sites, since he obviously does not realize that they exist. Oh, and no one is asking for you to justify your welding experience (actually, no one cares), just to back up your statements that there were radioactive disposal sites in ND. There seems to be some differences between your assessments and the State Office of Waste Management.

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Jun-12-14 7:29 AM

Can you imagine how we treated all the other countries where we developed oil production. I think the ND citizens are getting a slight taste of what the middle east citizens have been dealing with.

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Jun-11-14 11:16 PM

Oh and my repair rate of my welds is two repairs in 8 years, some of it was 1104 code, most was B-31.3 which is the same as the nuclear facilities, which means perfect, no imperfections in the weld, you get one chance to repair if there is a flaw, if you can't fix it you have to cut out the pipe and put a new section in, then make two welds(I've never had a cut-out!! Two repairs in 8 years, and the amount of welds I've done, it's probably around .00001% repair rate. I don't care where you go, as a welder, I'm as close to perfect as you can get!

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Jun-11-14 11:04 PM

The first was south of lignite, called the "berg SWD" second was just southwest of mcgregor, called "Mcgregor SWD"all stainless heavy wall TIG welded pipe(same welding codes as nuclear facilities), third was built north of Williston, 7 miles across the highway from the big cell tower, that was for Zenith , I forget the specific name of that one, the biggest one I've built(most welding involved) fourth was in noonan, same as McGregor all stainless heavy wall pipe, the fifth is south of bowbells about 15-18 miles for flint, I was a contract welder, did all the welding personally, I've had certs to weld on anything except underwater......I don't need to justify myself to you centerfield, you just don't know therefore you needed to be told, you can listen to a pencil pusher in an office over somebody that's built them, regardless of my political views, I have more experience than the suit you're getting your info from!!!

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Jun-11-14 10:21 PM

I am guessing that the people of Noonan, Watford City,and Crosby don't agree with you. Oh, and you are right... I don't believe you either since radioactive disposal sites are built and regulated by better people than you. At this point, the disposal sites are all located out of state. But, then, you probably knew that. By the way, where are these five sites you built....After all, if you build them, they will come....By the way, my source is Scott Radig, Director of waste management for the State.

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Jun-11-14 9:37 PM

Legend....those filter socks all combined are less radioactive than a radiologists daily dose, or an x-Ray technician sees on a daily basis!! I have built these disposals(5), and not once have I seen a radioactive placard at any of them. You live so scared! It's sad and funny at the same time, don't believe everything an environmentalist says, I don't care if you believe me, but good lord, go out and look for yourself, truck drivers hauling salt water to these disposals have to change these filter socks , never in haz-mat suits, no lead vests! Hmmm, wonder why?

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Jun-11-14 9:29 PM

I didn't think the one I had was bad either, other than the part where I said libs have no valid points!

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Jun-11-14 5:36 PM

boy, my comment removed was mild compared to the majority here...

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Jun-11-14 4:14 PM

BTW, before we blame big oil for all of our problems, have we checked out our own city fathers that continue to drive us into a hole?

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Jun-11-14 4:13 PM

1. If you were receiving a royalty check, you would sing a different tune.

2. "The Old ND" is dead, welcome to the "new" ND that provides thousands of jobs to those that need it.

3. Spills are just more visible now, how many spills were there by Lansford, Glenburn, etc when the were hitting oil out there up until the mid 80's?

4. You all whine too much. Sell your house and get more than the $100 you would for the same house in the rest of the country. Sell high, buy low, move to Arizona already.

5. If I had a nickel for every time "oil" was blamed I could by 10, 000 houses in Arizona.

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Jun-11-14 3:14 PM

Do u think u or bismarck is aware of all of the abandoned filter socks? 20 years from now when pollution from spills or pipe leaks r discovered routinely, and no owner can b found, western nd land may be more a liability than an asset.

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Jun-11-14 12:05 PM

This oil boom has sure taken away the true beauty we once enjoyed in this state(Thanks for selling us out)The sooner it ends the better. With all the trucks and traffic I would assume for every barrel of oil brought out of the ground, Five barrels are being burned in trucks, but as Williston says we welcome you with open arms, well keep building maybe we can get rid of some of the trash in MINOT. Heard the laurel MT spill reached lake Sakakawea, its just a matter of time and old sak will look like the gulf spill.

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Jun-11-14 11:45 AM

Yall don't hear everthing. What you hear on TV/Radio is just a trickle. Once you learn of the amount it will just make you sick.

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