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Is America’s treatment of veterans improving or slipping?

  1. Improving
  2. Largely unchanged
  3. Worsening
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May-29-14 10:31 PM

That was reposted bc it failed garr's approval the first time.

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May-29-14 10:22 AM

It has become what will be a reflection of the care, or lack of care under ObamaCare. What has the Government ever run well? Ya may need a cot to put up when you are told we can't see you today as four o'clock is nearing. We are closing.

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May-28-14 2:43 PM

I feel ND ran at top efficiency while Dorgan, Conrad and Pomoroy were at the helms....and we still get payback to the state for their steadfast work in bringing home the pork....some say it's welfare...I say it's moving forword...I feel...

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May-27-14 9:21 PM

"What has the Government ever run well?"

Most North Dakotan's would agree that for the last 130 yrs the Treasury Depts checks have arrived on time, every time.....

Even before Dorgan/Conrad were born!!

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May-27-14 8:22 AM

JustaWhoaMan....both you and I know that they would be getting a whole lot better care under Omamacare, right? I feel if Congress can go with Omamacare, that has got to be pretty good healthcare, right? I don't know why I ask you...I justa know you agree with me...they're justa rhetorical questions...I feel...

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May-27-14 8:17 AM

landslide2014 May-26-14 8:57 AM

"Ad yes I think the services our serviceman and women are receiving is slim to none."

Another uneducated partisan slam(respectful as always).

The concept of protecting Veterans in America goes back to 1776 and after 180 some military engagements stretching over 200 yrs & countless millions receiving health care, aid & pensions, we allow the media & politicians(the very same hypocritical politicians that nixed funding) to use this event like gainful slobber.....

Never mind the 2013 Kaiser poll which said 80+% of Veterans claimed to have received good or somewhat good service at the VA! Now, let's see the private sector match the VA's size & scope of physical & emotional trauma patients with that same favorable ratings.....

FYI, is there reason private hospitals don't release the same kind of polling results???

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May-26-14 7:44 PM

Respectful as always, namexxx...

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May-26-14 10:46 AM

What branch did you serve in, old man?

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May-26-14 8:22 AM

The entire system should scraped.Veterans should get a military medical insurance card that can be used in any medical facility,anywhere in the United States, that easy and quick! It would be much less costly, and much better service for all.I can't believe all the brains in Gov. can't figure that out!

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