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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling says he is not a racist, and that he made a mistake in making racial comments. Do you believe him?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Don't care
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May-14-14 7:25 AM

I know, Willies1906...if those dang Republics would justa move forword and start following our Democrat Party agendas, then and only then would we feel they were not saying racist things...for sure...

Stop back at our Free Lunch Counter Café in Hillsboro again sometime...

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May-13-14 9:49 PM

Jackkk, did it ever occur to you or 'your' Republican party that if they weren't getting busted every 5 seconds doing something racist that more minorities would join them?

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May-13-14 8:38 PM

PreJudice17, are not you feeling as proud as I that we kept those 95% on the Democrat Party Plantation to vote for does give me a thrill up my leg...we never could have done it without you...stopping the exodus of uncle toms, those lost to the dark side, the conservative bastions they call 'freedom'...but we know there is only freedom on our Democrat Party Plantations. Only we can offer true Peas...

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May-13-14 8:32 PM

land...he's a dirty ol' man? Sounds much like our idol of the Democrat Party, ol' Bill Clinton....we of the Democrat Party whorshipped that stogie-using hounddog...

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May-13-14 8:29 PM

PreJudice16...both you and I KNOW, your and my Democrat Party plantation slaves are electing EVERY one of our Democrat politicians....if us of the Democrat Party could not keep these people down, whether black or white, they would not as likely vote for our Democrat Party.....and I have not yet called a conservative black an uncle tom, but I KNOW you have, PreJudice....I know. But that is what us Democrats strive for, right? or left? keeping the masses down, right or left? Right?

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May-13-14 7:07 PM



"Quoting Jack might just prove a bit counter-productive"



May-01-14 6:19 PM

"I hope somebody else will do the research and c/p their results here."

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May-13-14 4:16 PM

Oh, PJ16 or 17 or whatever other number you are today...

Quoting Jack might just prove a bit counter-productive, as most of what he's posted since post-election 2012 has been tongue-in-cheek.

But if c/p is one's game, (p)lay on, MacDuff.

Just know that some around here find c/p very nauseating. I say it depends on who's doing it.

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May-13-14 2:15 PM


"It just bothers me to no end that the NBA could do that to such a good Democrat Party member like Sterling."


Sterling is a registered Republican, who first registered in California in 1974.

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May-13-14 1:53 PM

Isn't Sterling a registered Republican? Then, it is normal.

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May-13-14 8:46 AM

What he said about magic is the absolute truth, as it is for so many of these holier than thou celebs. They are all phoney,hipocrites, but they have no shame!

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May-13-14 7:31 AM



"word is the slaves on our Democrat Party plantation also made the president who he is"

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May-13-14 7:29 AM



"those great Black Republics (we affectionately call them 'uncle tom's)"

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