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Who owns the economy as a campaign issue, Republicans or Democrats?

  1. Republicans
  2. Democrats
  3. Neither party
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May-13-14 4:38 PM

Justaman, do you have anything good to say about Geithner? Or do you approve of tax evasion and lying when politically expedient?

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May-13-14 4:34 PM

ThinkProgress 11-13-2011

"Notably, 56 percent of the total tax subsidies went to just four industries: financial, utilities, tele-communications, and oil, gas & pipelines."

"Food & beverages & tobacco," which I suppose could be considered farm-related, had 3.9% of total subsidies.

So Wall Street is being subsidized? Why isn't centerish after all those folks, with their new pickups? Oh, too plebeian. With their new limos? Well, certainly not "with their new bicycles"....

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May-12-14 7:26 PM

landslide2014 May-12-14 7:12 PM

"Geithner has a new book coming out telling how he was asked to lie for Obama"

Find me a post of yours when you had anything good to say about Geithner.....

You're desperate like the rest of you's!

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May-12-14 12:07 PM

Speaking of being sick, rushslide, when you have no answers, which, for you is almost all the time, you switch to the winger talking points. What does food stamps have to do with crop insurance subsidies, farm product subsidies, etc? You know nothing but hate, anger, and right wing talking points. Now, that is a fact!!!! Oh, and those crop insurance subsidies are not talking points, but then again, an old man like you can only let your hatred guide you.

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May-12-14 11:52 AM

I bet none of you cowards would post nearly as much of the trash you do if you were made to use your real names on here...

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May-12-14 11:32 AM

I think I'll continue to vote for the Republicans. Just don't like Pelosi and Reid, and Obama lies too much.

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May-12-14 10:39 AM

Yep, rushslide, farming is hard work. Maybe the reason they all drive brand new trucks, spend money like crazy, and be Republican is the 3 Billion dollars in subsidized crop insurance paid to ND farmers since 1995. Or, maybe the 3 million subsidized in 2011 not counting the subsidized money in 2013. I guess we should not include other price supports and other subsidies as well. Farmers do work hard, but they also think the Repubs will help them. Boy will they continue to be surprised. But as long as they can blame the liberals, they will continue collecting government subsidies and buying nice, new pickups.

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May-12-14 9:19 AM


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May-12-14 8:45 AM

The most complex economy in the World is the United States.....

So, the Good economy is owned by the Democrats because they tried to do something.....

And the Bad economy falls burden to the GOP/TP, or the Historically DO NOTHING CONGRESS.....

While 27% of Republicans cite Economy as #1 concern, their elected leaders focus on Benghazi. And, like the teenage leadership they have who've promised to clean their room but sleep till noon have finally proposed an election year jobs bill that still hasn't got anything in it!

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May-12-14 6:21 AM

How could the economy be the loony left's fault with such intelligent leaders like oblamer, Reid and pelosi running the show?

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May-12-14 5:53 AM

The Republicans and the RINOS will stumble and bumble themselves to an election in the fall while the Democrats stumble and bumble their way to massive losses because of the ACA and its gargantuan costs.

You can't vote for a Democrat, can't possibly vote for a Republican, they like all of that money that nobody has and plan on spending it before they even have it.

It is a one party system of Republicans and Democrats scratching each others backs while the poor taxpayer is raked over the coals.

Not a single one of them deserves a single vote, so vote for someone else on the ballot and forget about Democrats and Republicans, they are not there for you.

Come election time, they'll come out of the woodwork and smile, all to gain votes to go back to work for Wall Street thieves and tax you even more.

Vote for anybody who is on the ballot that does not have any affiliation with Democrats or Republicans.

Voting for a Republican or a Democrat does no good with zero gain.

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