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Did you agree with the firing of city attorney Colleen Auer?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Unsure
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May-08-14 11:12 AM

Minot's finest at work again, Hedgehog (aka Hemphil) should be fired, the kangaroo council should be disbanded before they pull more bulls--t out of there pouch to sacrifice this women who was only trying to do her job, but that's the way this ****h-le is run, It is time to clean house and replace them all with another batch of liars that hopefully have an ounce of decency. And hold on to your wallets again as there is talk of a rec center(personaly I'm spent).

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May-07-14 11:31 PM

Anybody who watched that performance could see the woman was a blowhard nobody could work with. A big bully. Facts will come out for all to see I'm sure after court and then you can decide which of the two you support.

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May-07-14 1:57 PM

Colleen Auer has been terminated and a new city attorney will be hired for the position.

Obviously, something was not going to work out between the city council and the newly terminated city attorney who didn't last a month and a half on the job.

Time to move on and hire a new city attorney and that's that.

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May-07-14 1:16 PM

I am unsure because I don't know what the circumstances were and if there were real reasons for her to be fired. I am sure that Hemphill overstepped her bounds in the firing because she did not follow protocol and instead acted alone. That is not legal. By that rash act alone, this woman could be given her job back. If she is truly unfit for the job, Hemphill's action will have backfired.

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May-07-14 10:47 AM

When this is all done, (1)Cindy will be the 1 out of a job, which is a good thing as Martha would say. (2) Colleen will have her job back and seat back on the council table or (3) The city of Minot will have settled with Colleen, costing us, "MAJOR BIG BUCKS", which she is entitled to as by Cindy's stupid childish temperament and then followed up by a totally stupid city council childish vote. With this been said, I feel Colleen should settle with the city if they come up with a settlement she likes with 1 clause to the settlement, Cindy will also be terminated from her job and with no compensation or rehire possibility. I feel if Colleen took her job back, the city council would take a vote the same day and terminate her. They would find a way. Finally, We the citizens of Minot got someone with some balls and stood up for us pee on's and the city government fires her for not playing ball in their court. "TIME FOR A WHOLE NEW CITY COUCIL"

signed: Total Disgusted

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May-07-14 9:54 AM

@ disgusted

"We don't know the details that lead to the firing. What we do know is that it was done illegally."


This is the first time -- and probably last time -- I agree with you.

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May-07-14 9:49 AM

Muleskinner, the attorney believed and followed the letter of the law. Something Cindy doesn't seem to entertain. Do we know the details of the alleged insubordination? No. If Cindy had a leg to stand on, she should have acted wthot emotion, called a public meeting of the city council, laid forth her complaints and allowed the council to vote. Sh hs done none of those things. It appears that the attorney MAY have been asking Cindy to be acountable, open her books for perusal, and Cindy reacted emotionally because se hasmthing to hide.

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May-07-14 8:42 AM

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May-07-14 8:36 AM

The tribune down in Bishmarck cited insubordination as the reason used for the firing.

She wasn't doing as she was told, doing her job as asked and described, so she was given the boot.

Maybe it is against the law to fire somebody without following the law, but who cares? If she isn't doing her job, she either is replaced by someone who will or she is fired.

The grounds for dismissal must be there, it is just a procedural problem.

She's as good as gone.

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May-07-14 8:35 AM

cindy reminds me of a spoiled little girl and the board are the parents that say cindy can do no wrong. After running for a month for new city manager and offered the position declines it as saying I was just wondering "Do You Love Me". TheirS No love. Its time to move on cindy.

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May-07-14 8:30 AM

We don't know the details that lead to the firing. What we do know is that it was done illegally. No dept head can be fired by the city manager WITHOUT the support of the city council. that the city council voted in support AFTER the fact is further proof of how weak-kneed our council is. They just added to the damages that will be awarded Auer.

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May-07-14 2:05 AM

How may agree on Firing Cindy Hemphill

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May-07-14 1:12 AM

They didn't fire her legally. The City doesn't do anything legal. So I'm going to go with No, I don't agree with the fire. She's a rock star in my book. I'll pay her legal bills for her. She's teaching the "mafia men" that*****in the hood will be changing.

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