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What do you think of the state cracking down on texting while driving?

  1. About time
  2. Doesn't bother me
  3. Waste of time better spent
  4. Should get tougher
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May-04-14 6:05 AM

In minor accidents, minor bruising can occur from seat belts. It is easy to check the time on cell phones to see if it was in use. Even if the number tripled or quadrupled, it would not be a significant number. Do I like texters? Absolutely NOT! I don't like careless or mindless driving of ANY sort!

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May-03-14 8:19 PM

JackAaah May-03-14 8:09 PM

PreJudice 17 says """You can't outlaw stupid, but you CAN hold morons responsible for the stupid things they do."""

"Yet we of the Democrat keep voting for our Democrat Party must be the feeling of moving forword...must be..."

Considering the votes cast for Dead Republicans in solidarity districts I'ld say your msg is loud & clear.....

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May-03-14 12:35 PM

Next we won't be able to eat in the car.

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May-03-14 11:26 AM

Disgusted, you have done the research and I agree with you 100%. However, I believe those stats could be skewed a bit. If someone got into an accident the officer asks where you wearing your seatbelt? Very easy to lie and say yes. I would say there are more accidents caused by texting than that, just no way to prove the driver was or not.

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May-03-14 10:51 AM

Through the book at these idiots. Whole families are wiped out over some moron's message of - "lol."

You can't outlaw stupid, but you CAN hold morons responsible for the stupid things they do.

This same principle underpins the demand for national, MANDATORY health insurance.

So, I don't see why liberals and conservatives can't agree on this point: Freedom isn't free.

You're free to be reckless and stupid -- but you're responsible for all costs incurred.

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May-03-14 10:32 AM

Government tell me what to do... This is BS, there is nothing in the constitution 'bout this. Its my right to do whatever I want in MY car.

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May-03-14 9:38 AM

“ BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota law enforcement agencies got a $459,000 federal grant for “high intensity” enforcement of the state’s new prohibition on texting while driving.

What did the taxpayers get for their money? Just 114 citations statewide at a cost of more than $4,000 per ticket written, according to the N.D. Department of Transportation Of the 18,356 accidents in 2012, less than one percent were r/t texting while driving. If you add in GPS and DVD's the number is just over 200, of about 1.09% of all accidents. By comparison, distractions in the car — such as eating or interacting with other passengers — contributed to 660 total crashes. Let's put our money where our mouth is, literally. Ban all eating and talking while driving. (a bit of sarcasm)

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May-03-14 7:57 AM

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is a good idea to keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road when driving. I guess I always thought that is what it said when we took our drivers tests.

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May-03-14 7:25 AM

The statistics must show that when people are driving a car and are texting at the same time, an inordinate number of accidents occur and some will result in death of the texter, so it only makes complete sense to clamp down on texting while driving.

I am driving now while on my mobile device texting this comment, but it's ok, I can drive and text at the same time.

I never make mistakes, so there is no need to worry when I text and drive.

Famous last words.

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