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What method of payment do you use the most?

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Debit card
  4. Credit card
  5. EBT card
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Apr-23-14 6:54 PM

oh thank you

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Apr-23-14 6:08 PM

"Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that allows state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magnetically encoded payment card, used in the United States and the United Kingdom."

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Apr-23-14 3:39 PM

what is EBT?

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Apr-23-14 10:42 AM

PJinfinity's quote "racism is the snobbery of the poor" is properly attributed to Raymond Aron...

From wiki: "Raymond-Claude-Ferdinand Aron...14 March 1905 – 17 October 1983...was a French philosopher, sociologist, journalist, and political scientist.

"He is best known for his 1955 book The Opium of the Intellectuals, the title of which inverts Karl Marx's claim that religion was the opium of the people – Aron argues that in post-war France, Marxism was the opium of intellectuals.

"In the book, Aron chastised French intellectuals for what he described as their harsh criticism of capitalism and democracy and their simultaneous defense of Marxist oppression, atrocities, and intolerance."

I like him already...

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Apr-23-14 10:35 AM

I've had to show my driver's license (photo id) in the last few elections in North Dakota. That in spite of the fact that most of the electoral people know me, know my family, know my dog, etc.

What's all the hubbub about a voter ID? Just do it, then there's no worries, right?

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Apr-22-14 9:28 PM

I agree with Justaman about HYPOCRISY...Democrat liberal hypocrisy.

Did I say that out loud?

Yeah, sure I did. It just so happens that some Democrats are hypocrites.

A (dud) by any other name would (still) smell...

High horses for all!

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Apr-22-14 6:36 PM

Sickworld Apr-22-14 6:12 PM

"Pj I find it amusing how someone (you) can talk so much*****about North Dakota"

I'm gonna take a leap here.....for PJ.

It's the HYPOCRISY that get's a person! It's that soulless,gutless pointing a finger bigotry that gnaws at you. Keeps you awake (that's if you've ever lived anywhere else) and restless. Insecure & ultimately humble if you're capable.....

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Apr-22-14 5:19 PM

The abject bigotry and appeal to base racist attitudes inherent in MDN's poll is more ironic than irksome -- being that the MDN itself is largely sustained by taxpayer dollars.

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Apr-22-14 9:35 AM

In the words of Randy Moss...

"Straight cash"

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Apr-22-14 8:29 AM

i pay a person to pay my bills so i doent know

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Apr-22-14 8:16 AM

PJInfinity, haven't you kept up? Leith doesn't have the notorious ones, "those people," there anymore.

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Apr-22-14 8:12 AM

Cash - people with no bank account

Check - people with money in a checking account but have no cash

Debit card - people who have just enough money in their account to spend it without using cash

Credit card - people who have a bank account, plenty of money to use a credit card and write one check each month

ebt - people who have no cash, no credit card, no debit card, and no bank account

The method of payment the US gov uses the most is other people's money via taxes and gives it all to Wall Street, just as it should be.

The US gov doesn't need accounts, credit cards, debit cards, cash, just an opm card, they just take it, call it what it is, theft.

Then Wall Street steals it from the US gov, so it is business as usual.

And we worry about a few dollars that some in need receive.

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Apr-22-14 7:41 AM

Thanks for the view from Leith.

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Apr-22-14 6:45 AM

Racism is the snobbery of the poor.

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