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Is the federal government’s decision to delay reviewing the Keystone XL pipeline until after the election politically motivated?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Apr-22-14 7:53 AM

THERE IS NOTHING STOPPING AMERICANS FROM BUILDING AN AMERICAN PIPELINE DEDICATED TO THE BAKKEN. You don't really think Canadian businesses who will ship Chinese oil through America have American interests in mind, do you? These "jobs" and that "10% of Bakken oil they will ship" are crumbs from the table. I am embarrassed for us. I would like to see how many Canadian contributors there are to our congressional delegations. If Canada wishes to build a pipeline through the Rockies and over their native reservations, let 'm. Be our guests. We are not interested in helping you ruin the market for Bakken Oil and I do with MDN would run this story. A good number of Canadians oppose mining of the Sands.

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Apr-22-14 7:48 AM

Landslide, Did you learn anything from your pastor on Easter Sunday morning? Did you sing with the congregation? Did you feel renewed? Did you feel clean? Then, did you come to this discussion to spread your Good News? I am so glad to have Christians setting such a good example among us.

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Apr-20-14 11:45 PM

First of all, the miss information , which is all rushslide has. Obama did not give money to Brazil. That is a faux news oldie. But, so are the rest of Rushslides posts. No one here is talking against a Bakken pipeline but the XL is not that. Besides, there will be little or no ND bakken oil going into the XL. Maybe a little bit of Montana Bakken, but darn little. The jobs from the XL are small in number and disappear. Jobs from expansion of the RR are long term and plentiful. Jobs for building Bakken oil pipelines should be more plentiful and will expand. Oh, and that Bakken that is shipped to Canada on the Canadian pacific. well, It even gets to eastern Canada to be refined. Even Canadian officials have stated they want to refine Bakken instead of tar sand crude. What is plentiful is all the money being laid on the congress from the oil lobby. That includes the Koch's and exxon and shell, and, and.

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Apr-20-14 3:48 PM

States with no income tax:

1. Alaska

2. Florida

3. Nevada

4. South Dakota

5. Texas

6. Washington

7. Wyoming

States with nearly no income tax:

1. Tennessee

2. New Hampshire

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Apr-20-14 2:19 PM

How has this question yielded such almost uniformly civil discussion? Who is TransCanada? Is it the Chinese government? Have Canadian businessmen sold Canadian oil to the Chinese government, promising there would be a clear way through America to get it to those ships in the Gulf of Mexico waiting to ship it directly to China? Would that oil compete with Bakken Oil at market? Can we build a pipeling for Bakken Oil which does not involve a border crossing? How much Bakken Oil will XL transport? ND is starting a nationwide push to bring workers here to do the existing jobs. If those pipeline jobs are not in ND, why would we want to set up jobs that compete with the ones ND hopes to fill? And if those jobs are in ND, how do we fill them when we already have so many open? Instead of having a knee jerk opinion, why doesn't everyone Google all these points and decide what is good for NORTH DAKOTA and then, call your congressmen with an informed opinion.

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Apr-20-14 11:28 AM

Some research is in order. So, we approve the pipeline at the same time that the courts of Nebraska have ruled the eminent domain law passed by the Republicans is not valid. Therefore, the land that was to be taken by eminent domain by Canada in Nebraska was stopped by a judge's ruling in February which overturned that state law that allowed the pipeline's path through the state. Nebraska's Supreme Court isn't expected to hear an appeal to that ruling until September or October, and there could be more legal maneuvering after the high court rules. So, there is no path approved. Yep, you wingers have never proved the case for the pipeline so leave it to FAux News to push another conspiracy theory for you to gobble up. By the way, you should do more checking on the origins of the pipe? India? China? Yippie.... You can do it.

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Apr-20-14 10:06 AM

Considering the Republicans 46 attempts to repeal Obamacare, I'ld say there's a long way to go on this pipeline project.....

Besides, the 400 nutjobs in Nevada defending this Bundy, the welfare bandit, were not totally committed to the Nebraskan land owners who's land was illegally taken by the Republican Govenor under a phony eminent domain clause that was surely politically motivated.....TBC

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Apr-20-14 9:02 AM

The government should ask the Pope if the Keystone XL is a go or not.

A edict from the Vatican would help move things along, the federal gov would be given divine guidance and the rest of the world could breathe a sigh of relief.

There should be a study, appropriated by committee, to determine if the Keystone XL will be built after a decision to delay the review and if a decision should be made by the administration. Commission a study to study the review.

Ask the Pope first. The President won't have to interrupt his golf game.

Removes the political motivation. The Church in Rome can decide.

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Apr-20-14 8:25 AM

I thought they were all politically motivated-keep the trains rolling-build the pipeline-increase production and get the heck out of middle east. The oil wars continue--

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Apr-20-14 7:50 AM

When our Country has an opportunity to pay off out National Debt with the huge revenue from Oil and Liquid Nat Gas sales why would we not do this ? This move could lower Taxes and totally shift the economy into high gear and end the Recession in 6 months.....

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