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Is it time to scrap the International Space Station?

  1. Yes
  2. No, maintain
  3. No, replace
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Apr-15-14 10:33 AM

when people doent have a internal moral compass they hide behind laws. they let something guide them through life.

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Apr-15-14 10:30 AM

nothing wrong, hum well it feels wrong to take a life to me

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Apr-15-14 7:08 AM

Like any other volatile, emotionally charged issue of our day, abortion is relative, especially to its supporters.

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Apr-15-14 6:26 AM

Nothing here says she had an abortion. This is just another smear from a turd.

Even if she did have an abortion there's nothing wrong or illegal with that.

You are desperate.

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Apr-14-14 10:07 PM


"Garr Do you know what the word commenced means?"


At this point, we've moved beyond irony to something decidedly uglier.

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Apr-14-14 9:31 PM

What are you saying? Are you throwing more mud?

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Apr-14-14 9:11 PM

"Harrison, claims to have had New York Senator Hillary Clinton as his patient right around the time he commenced the procedure."

Is this crazy fright wing nut job suggesting Hillary had an abortion 9 years ago?

Keep up the CRAZINESS Mr SCIENCELIAR. You are certifiable.

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Apr-14-14 8:31 PM

landslide2014 Apr-14-14 6:53 PM

You go getting that 10% riled up over & over again.....That's all the votes you'll ever get!

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Apr-14-14 4:59 PM

landslide2014 Apr-14-14 12:19 PM

"Time for the REAL Americans in America to get organized and take back OUR America.."

I assure you I am a REAL American & be assured I will NEVER live in your dream!!!

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Apr-14-14 12:50 PM

i think the space program is the only gov program that actualy has money comming in other then taxpayers. and i agree lets take our country back from the sales people.

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Apr-14-14 8:24 AM

Without a real huge war, space is our only push for technology. We have to stay in space to move science forward

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Apr-14-14 7:52 AM

Space program is a BIG waste of Money, shut it down.

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