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Do you think Minot will have its full flood protection plan in place in your lifetime?

  1. I'm convinced
  2. I'm skeptical
  3. I'm hopeful
  4. Doubt it
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Apr-13-14 10:24 AM

Heck no the only solutions they come up with are for problems that don't exist!!! Waste not want not!!

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Apr-12-14 8:17 AM

rahi....many of us in the Democrat Party HAVE adopted many of those 45 agendas of the Communist Party from 1963...

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Apr-11-14 6:48 PM

"I don't live in the flood plain any longer but am happy to help pay for flood protection"...Nancy1

What are you Nancy1, a communist? (Democrat)

Good and proper sentiment. I applaud you.

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Apr-11-14 12:10 PM

i have seen that some people feel like they have solved a problem by putting money at it when the real solution is just simple management. if you look at history all these problems were faced in the past the only thing that has changed is the people that feel they have to fix a problem. hold management to the job they are getting paid to do.

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Apr-11-14 11:59 AM

Actually Minot evacuated in 74, too, because of high water and parts evacuated in 75 and almost had to in 79. In 1976 Minot had almost double the water come through compared to 69. They said we would have to evacuate in 79 and then the next day announced we didn't have to. The 70's were a wet cycle just like in the 20's and the late 40's. We are in a huge wet cycle now - farmers are saying they have never seen anything like this. So yes, we will flood again unless they get going on this pronto. The city must move forward on this. The schools must provide schools for the children. I don't live in the flood plain any longer but am happy to help pay for flood protection. I don't have children or grandchildren in Minot but am happy to pay for schools.

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Apr-11-14 10:40 AM

"The yes vote 4 schools was a vote against flood control"??? Wow, strectching there legend. How about all the "no" voters that said, I don't have kids in school switches to "no" I don't live in the valley?

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Apr-11-14 10:35 AM

If they fixed the problem they wouldn't ever get all that FEMA money to play with again. There is no money in fixing things you all should know that by now.

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Apr-11-14 10:15 AM

we paied for flood protection once put new people in charge and the problem will be fixed. no private business could run this way it would be broke, but when a private business works for gov it is held accountable why not hold gov accountable, these are their rules

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Apr-11-14 10:00 AM

The protection plan is better than anything to date. The 2011 flood in total, was an eye opener to many minot residents. The shifty, hidden deal with canada, the despicable attitude of the city toward many residents, ignoring flood potential after the snow melt runoff, when the ground was saturated in the souris drainage and the "flood control dams" at such a high level and spending priorities 4 other than flood control. In 76 hostefest wanted an all seasons arena (in the flood zone), now hostefest under the guise of the state fair, wants a new event center. Many minoters r wiser now and i expect they will keep the pressure on the city to make flood control happen. The yes vote 4 schools was a vote against flood control. We had high water in 69, 76 and 2011 or 3 times in 45 years. It will flood again.

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Apr-11-14 8:03 AM

Repair and raise the levee system 1st.

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Apr-11-14 7:54 AM

Oh, it's justa a Republican community....that's why it'll never be done in our lifetime....everyone should know that by now....

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