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Did you change your vote on the Minot school bond issue between the December election and this Tuesday's vote?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Missed one vote
  4. Didn't vote in either election
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Apr-12-14 8:18 AM

I'm getting there....

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Apr-11-14 10:44 AM

You are one confused Democrat, aren't you, Jack?

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Apr-11-14 7:58 AM

I keep the hate out of my comments.....that's why I have very very few deleted comments......but I justa keep my Democrat Party-inspired hate deep inside.....I don't know why I am not like the rest of my liberal brethren and release the hatred in my comments...

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Apr-10-14 10:11 PM

Oh, did you get a post or deleted again, PJinfinity?

That's too bad.

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Apr-10-14 7:20 PM

The TeaPubs are always so nasty, angry and defiant -- but when you dare to challenge the bizarre notions in their red state, agri-oil dependent creed, they go crying to mommy to have the post removed.

You can't delete reality, folks.

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Apr-10-14 7:11 PM

News today: minot pub. works. dir. tells state he wants more 4 flood control and minot will probably go 4 sales tax to pay minot's share. How about taking the MADC tax 4 flood work and close that waste of r money?

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Apr-10-14 6:55 PM

JackAaah Apr-10-14 8:57 AM

"if we all just 'subscribed' to the notion of 'willing to pay more'."

You'll continue to vote for that Republican! Then, one day you'll find out they sponsored the bill, passed that bill without any way to fund it and blame someone else while asking for your vote again.....This is the perpetual GOP machine we can move forward with!

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Apr-10-14 6:51 PM

animal Apr-10-14 11:06 AM

"The crooked liberals win again!"

You mean the ones you voted for & won have changed parties?

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Apr-10-14 3:46 PM

$39m probably doesn't factor new teachers pay, utilities, etc. Who will pay that, us.

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Apr-10-14 3:44 PM

Don't trust Uncle Scam

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Apr-10-14 11:06 AM

The crooked liberals win again! We voted NO once, but they wouldn't except that, they brought it back again,CLOSED ALL THE POLLS BUT ONE, so no one could vote except their paid group of thugs, and shoved it through,just like all the other crooked elections!!! The filthy cheats win again!!WE PAY THEY PLAY!

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Apr-10-14 9:51 AM

I voted NO before...and I voted NO

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Apr-10-14 8:57 AM

if we all just 'subscribed' to the notion of 'willing to pay more'....we would be more at peas with ourselves and our neighbors....

We at the Free Lunch Counter Café in Hillsboro would have liked the bond to have included taxing our sales at the Café....but since it's not in there, we just cannot be 'willing to pay more'....maybe next time.

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Apr-10-14 6:37 AM

There's a good percentage that Voted Yes for more Property Taxes to build yet another New School but they don't even Own Property in Minot or North Dakota.

When the Oil BOOM Slides South these non Owners will be Laughing and Minot Property Owners will be left to Pay the ongoing expenses.....

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