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Have you signed up for a health care plan?

  1. Yes
  2. Was already covered
  3. I'll risk the fine
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Apr-03-14 12:03 AM

Vote NO

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Apr-03-14 6:22 AM

this Question Will Bring The Haters Out

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Apr-03-14 8:14 AM

How can anyone refuse when me and my Democrat party asked them so kindly to sign up?

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Apr-03-14 8:33 AM


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Apr-03-14 8:36 AM

Almost impossible to imagine 6 years to Bankrupt, destroy the Middle Class and strip a Nation of Freedom and Democracy.......

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Apr-03-14 9:17 AM

"Healthcare started its demise during..."

Actually, it happened in 1942, when an executive order intended to help the war effort was signed. With that, the health insurance system as we've known it--along with all of its attendant problems--was born.

Ever since then, all of the "reform" has been a charade. It's been nothing more than taking more steps in the same direction we were steered in seven decades ago.

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Apr-03-14 9:23 AM

I would prefer that Congress passes an Affordable Food Act.

It would also be better to enact a Freedom Law, but that was done 238 years ago now called the Constitution and all 535 members of Congress need to read what's in it.

The Founding Fathers knew what was in it before it ever was passed as a declaration of independence.

If Congress were really doing its job, the would have classes on how to read the Constitution so they know what's in it.

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Apr-03-14 9:56 AM

Agree mule. the word "seperation" 4 church and state is not there. A standard of law 4 the rich with a harder standard 4 the poor is not there and warnings of it were spoken. "shall not b infringed" is there. There r many both right and left who do not like how parts of it read. If i were king i would punish those people. Example: spill oil and u get tarred with it then feathered then paraded thru the streets 4 all to see what u r.

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Apr-03-14 10:16 AM

No. My insurance policy never got cancelled.

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Apr-03-14 10:17 AM

Death panels, over 2 million jobs lost. $700 billion taken from medicare--all statements more true before the ACA than after. Add 45,000 die annually from no medical care. 100,000 die from the wrong medication. u can pay $3,000 or $30,000 for the same appendectomy in the U.S. with no difference in quality for the higher priced hospitals. Medical costs leading inflation. 50% of bills in a western ND clinic were unpaid last year. Something had 2 b done. Now the bills will b paid and the vast majority will b insured. Yes there will b freeloaders as there would b in any system. Freeloaders like caterpillar who put their parts operation overseas and shaved billions off of their federal taxes. legal? yes. the same as freeloaders on medical care. The same as ridiculous wages for investment bankers. The excess of their wages r higher than min. wages yet there r those who despise any raise in min. wages. penny wise and dollar poor.

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Apr-03-14 10:56 AM

Maybe we in North Dakota should take a long hard look at ourselves. We pull far more out of the federal treasury than our taxpayers put it. So when we point the finger at others, three come back to us!

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Apr-03-14 11:35 AM

DakotaBorn, you can't mean that we should close all Military Bases and Indian reservations then do you? But then we have those darn rich farmers that get stimuli along with the other States that farm subsidies go too also. Agriculture has become too big to fail and while at it; eliminate the food stamp program.

Maybe you should take a hard look at your own self?

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Apr-03-14 12:22 PM

Just look around: there are states out there that have military bases, national parks, agriculture, food stamps, federally owned land, reservations and federal government offices and still get back less than their taxpayers put in.

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Apr-03-14 12:44 PM

then skew the numbers on a per/capita basis and see how the big states measures up with a small state like ND.

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Apr-03-14 1:09 PM

You can,t tell a liberal anything, nothing! They are the stupidest,most tunnel vision people on earth, yet they believe they are smarter than everyone else and they need to control all the idiots or we will not be able to take care of ourselves! This will never change, as ignorance breeds ignorance, and the rich liberals incourage them and then sit back and laugh!

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Apr-03-14 1:16 PM

So tell me, does all of this overheated rhetoric really do anyone any good? Is anyone REALLY convincing anyone else of the righteousness of their cause by insulting, patronizing, and condescending to those they need to convince?

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Apr-03-14 1:17 PM

This is a true statement, now more than ever...

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

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Apr-03-14 2:30 PM

as usual, centerleft got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...wonder if she needs a new mattress that doesn't have as many spikes poking through it.

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Apr-03-14 3:14 PM

Now, I have to say, rushslide truly exceeded my expectations for obnoxious, self gratifying, off the wall, factless, and completely erroneous posts. Not only that, but you needed seven posts to express absolutely nothing. Great job. Your qualities of worthlessness are on display to the max. We had an added bonus with sly comments full of facts from animal and whistler. Certainly we like posts with no derogatory statement and full of factual presentations. We just have trouble keeping from laughing at your feeble presentations. hahaha

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Apr-03-14 3:34 PM

LS: There are 2 reasons the right would not give Obama a jobs program. It would lower unemployment and boost the economy--Obama would get credit. Public jobs cannot be sent overseas and are one answer 2 a more stable economy. Lefties have brains. lefties r poor, working class and educated. bengazi news types r the ones led around. roger ailes speaks and they repeat it until told otherwise. The right can't have ideas because roger and sheldon tell them what 2 think. Lefties do not worship Obama but rightie hopefuls kiss the ring and pay homage to their vegas god.

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Apr-03-14 3:57 PM

That BeautyRest Bed has done wonders for you center. NOT. No matter what side of the bed you get up on will not matter or change your disposition. Have a wonderful day!

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Apr-03-14 4:02 PM

You can't be both "conservative" AND the #1 beer drinking state. That doesn't add up.

The hospitals are as over-run as the schools and police departments with your nonsense.

I don't know that folks who love drinking and guns can reasonably argue that mandated health insurance isn't a good idea.

The fact is -- N.D. is one of the least healthiest places in the nation. Not only is everyone boozing and smoking like sailors on permanent leave, 3 out of 4 are also overweight.

Freedom isn't free. Why should someone else pay your hospital bills?

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Apr-03-14 4:40 PM

I haven't seen many positive, caring and optimistic posts from liberals today. Could that BeautyRest thing have some merit?

Facts schmacts

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Apr-03-14 5:10 PM

The ND Neanderthals say they're fed up with health care costs, but when they're not complaining -- they're eating.


Among the state's adults age 18 and over:

64% are overweight

27% are medically obese

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Apr-03-14 5:11 PM

So, loco, what would you call the posts from your right wing friends?? Maybe you should go back and read all of rushslide's posts and report back on the quality of his conversations. You support that kind of behavior from the right, what is your problem with the left? Oh, I forgot, we don't follow Faux News, Rush, Shawn and the boys. Oh, by the way, whistler, I don't need a beauty rest and I sleep great on my Sealy. How about you?.

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