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Should schools be allowed to weigh and measure students for obesity?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Apr-07-14 8:40 AM

be a responsable parent or stop reproducing

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Apr-06-14 6:15 PM

It should be part of phys ed. It should be private. Schools have dietitians. They could have a collaboration between the dietitian and the phys ed teacher. There could be a voluntary health class offered for credit. Measuring weight just for the sake of measuring it is useless. It should be combined with education.

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Apr-02-14 8:26 AM

....everyone should be put on a legume diet to stop this great national travesty.

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Apr-02-14 8:24 AM

legume....we DO have great admiration for our politicians....don't we?

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Mar-31-14 6:37 PM

Our society has promoted the sedentary lifestyle. We pay pencilpushers and money handlers more than the people who do the real work. We have been taught to disrespect the physical worker and admire the slickster--only because pay is generally higher 4 the pencil pushin weasel. Kids who walk r looked down on by kids who ride. We reward bookworms who earn the high grades even though high grades r not the best measure of good workers or citizens.

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Mar-31-14 6:23 PM

They would have to can the plump teachers and admin. people first because "character counts". Anything but the 3 r's rubs me the wrong way. I like most heavy folks more than republicans.

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Mar-31-14 9:52 AM

schools are responsable for education not acting like parents if you cant be a parent keep your pants on

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Mar-31-14 9:51 AM

I thought everything these days were ANTI-BULLYING...well, start identifying the FAT kids opposed to the so called average or skinny kids, and you just open up a can of worms for MORE bullying!!!

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Mar-31-14 8:43 AM

Since Michelle Obama is the first lady, let's weigh and measure her first.

Women in government, you know. The need to be weighed and measured, for their own good.

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Mar-31-14 8:23 AM

of course schools should.....I and my Democrat Party would argue that WE ALL pay for increased health cost for these obese students, and we Democrats feel that we must do whatever we can to have these people live a longer life....if we don't intervene, they won't...

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Mar-31-14 8:06 AM

Sure, single out fat people, weigh and measure them so their self esteem is damaged. Schools do a good job of that. Let's begin with the teachers, weigh and measure them first. It will be an eye opening experience and all will finally learn at least one thing, maybe two. The obesity quotient has to be a known too. Wouldn't want to be without that knowledge.

Why can't those in gov just leave people alone and let them live their lives without prodding and poking and shoving them into every pigeon hole possible?

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