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If you were a member of N.D.’s congressional delegation, how would you have voted on legislation to provide aid to Ukraine?

  1. Support
  2. Would not support
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Mar-31-14 12:25 AM

JackAaah Mar-30-14 4:15 PM

"'s nice to see the ND delegation coming together with the same mindset as your and my Democrat Party".....

It(the double-sided frosted krinklealaiscious) is only served in the best refrigerated GOP luncheons Jack(Hal)A.

Come on man!!! If you don't order it, you can't spit on it.....

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Mar-30-14 12:54 PM

A few years ago a city was decimated by disaster. Many of the residents of this area had not done anything to protect themselves. The US Government stepped in with Millions in aid to include temporary housing and cash given directly to those affected. They will spend more over the years to help these people in the hope that this disaster can not happen again. The US Government was 17 Trillion in debt and only a fraction of Americans were involved. Maybe the US helped because there was oil in the area?

Now these folks that received this aid are complaining about not having enough money, 17 Trillion in debt so we should not be helping. Weird.

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Mar-30-14 12:37 PM

Pretty simple question/answer!

In today's ND congressional mindset you promise the MOON with other people's money!

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Mar-30-14 12:16 PM

You are supposed to vote 'yes' with the next bond issue vote on April 8.

Go on out there and do your civic duty by voting 'yes', whether you can afford it or not.

A 'no' vote means you are greedy and selfish and don't want to do it for the children.

Get your heads on straight.

Please support the US efforts to aid Ukraine and stop your bellyaching constantly about the fed, state, and local govs and how they tax you to death.

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Mar-30-14 11:56 AM

Senator McCain takes a trip to Syria to offer aid and support to the rebels trying to overthrow the Assad leadership. Meanwhile, those rebels readily kill Christians in their homelands.

Syrian Christians seek protection by applying for Russian citizenship and Russia provides it.

The US gov does nothing of the sort and, by doing nothing to aid the Christians who are being slaughtered by Syrian rebels, makes life more miserable for Christians in Eurasia.

Something is wrong with the picture.

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Mar-30-14 10:40 AM

How is it that the Ukraine has been around for probably a good 400 years and has done just fine without any help from the United States and now all of a sudden, the US is offering aid?

Something smells bad.

Krushchev was born Ukrainian.

Putin is a bad man because he has vowed to protect Eastern Orthodox Christians and campaign against muslim terrorists in spades.

How come Heidi, Kevin, and John aren't bringing the bacon to North Dakota? Why do they think the taxpayer should support such foolishness?

North Dakota contributes 1,000,000 barrels of oil per day to the US economy, you would think the elected congressional delegation would be going to bat for North Dakotans, not Ukrainians.

That's 100,000,000 dollars of North Dakota's oil going hither and yon to the market each day and Minot can't afford to pay for a school or improvements without tapping the taxpayer once again?

The US gov is 17 trillion in debt, how can it provide aid to anybody?

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Mar-30-14 10:38 AM

build your own schools an leve the oil money to fix the problems that will show up in the future, much like the socks that they found on that property, that and things like that will happen out there for a long time

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Mar-30-14 7:33 AM

Lower Property Taxes 35 % and use Oil Tax Revenues to Build Schools in the Oil Patch.

" I don't live in the Ukraine "

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