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Is it wise and prudent or a foolish waste of money to hire a private firm to search for a new city manager for Minot?

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  2. OK
  3. Shouldn't have to
  4. Squandered tax money
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Mar-30-14 2:11 PM

what are the responsability of the city? pay the bills fix the holes in the road, clean the roads keep records and upkeep the city services. again not a tough job.

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Mar-29-14 5:19 PM

Just another sheep being lead to slaughter.

Who is the Judas Goat here? The messenger or the School District's school board?

I can understand that the word 'lead' can be misspelled when used in a sentence since the word 'lead' is pronounced differently but both pronunciations can have the same spelling.

I can lead a horse to water, but I can't make him drink.

I led a horse to water, but he wouldn't drink.

The presidents leads, the president led, the president has led, the president will lead, the president was leading, but failed to lead. He was led astray by Wall Street banksters.

Turned the president into a chunk of lead, dead weight.

Should the people of Minot vote to build a new elementary school?

Since Lincoln Elementary was demolished after the flood, a new elementary school is definitely needed.

The school board is asking Minot's voters to help out with the funding, seems to be the only option out there.

Ask the voters to take the lead.

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Mar-29-14 4:58 PM

We need to look at other communities who can afford to have a mayor who is full time and a Chief Operations Officer. In addition, we need to get rid of the number of Alderman that don't need 2 in some wards. Plus, we need to relook at economic development monies and get rid of the MAGIC Fund or something. It's time to go back to the drawing table so this city can look and behave like a real one to be attractive to all of the people coming here because they are not going anywhere......

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Mar-29-14 4:34 PM

You don't make no sense is a double negative which infers that it all makes sense.

You don't make any sense.

When you have cognitive dissonance, like most of all Americans, it will not make any sense.

Wasn't Russia our ally during WWII?

How does that make any sense?

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Mar-29-14 4:28 PM

@ animal

"Mule, when you first started posting, way back I thought you were right on the money. But somewhere along the way you've lost it. Just another sheep being lead to slaughter."

You know you're wrong when even the animal admits you've lost it.

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Mar-29-14 4:17 PM

It's not about making sense. It's about reguritating FOX talking points.

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Mar-29-14 2:41 PM

The CIA funded the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. It has neo nazi leaders who are thugs and are not to be trusted, let alone be given funding.

The Russian troops are still in Russia. Where do any of the western powers have any power to remove Russian troops from Russian soil unless Russia is invaded? That would be war and one Russia would fight tooth and nail.

If the US invades Iraq, Afghanistan, and now with their eyes on Syria, how is Russia somehow culpable and the US is acting within international law when invading foreign lands and not culpable?

Try again.

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Mar-29-14 1:21 PM

Would you be inclined to support a new city manager at a wage of $2.13 an hour & increase it to $4.90 as warranted by their accomplishments?

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Mar-29-14 1:06 PM

If I were the city, I would continue to make an offer that Cindy will not refuse and hire her now.

At the present time, she is the most qualified for the job, has the experience, and is directly involved with the city's finances. It is the no brainer solution.

How much will the cost be to hire the private firm? 50,000 dollars? 100,000 dollars? Might as well give a few people some temporary jobs for the summer months and have them pick up the debris that is strewn along the east ditch of Highway 83 right across from Walmart and the strip mall. In fact, the entire town is filled with trash and it looks like a dump that needs more trash to fill it to capacity. Good grief.

I doubt very much that a private firm to hire a city manager is going to be out there picking up trash to improve the city's sullied beauty. It is littered with trash everywhere you go.

It's bad. If the money is going to be wasted, waste it on the trash disbursed throughout the city.

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Mar-29-14 12:38 PM

What? Did I threaten your government job with the unwelcome idea of having the city run by a corporation?

Well, just maybe I am being somewhat sarcastic when I suggest that Bain Capital be hired to control the purse strings of Minot's tax coffers.

Seriously, who would entertain the thought of hiring Bain Capital to control the bank accounts of the city's business? Only the city is qualified to disburse funds, albeit, they maybe don't disburse it wisely, but that is not something that can be controlled as easy as said.

Somehow, Bain Capital will end up declining to continue to do the business end of the business the city needs to do and yet be a lot richer than anybody else with the city deeper in debt. The city will have to load sixteen ton many times over after Bain rode into town.

It'll be Sykes Enterprises all over again.

The school system and the city has lost it. Translates to increased costs that never had to be expended.

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Mar-29-14 11:29 AM

this is just a small city and every problem that could be faced has already ben delt with. your in the middel of north dakota not real tough

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Mar-29-14 11:25 AM

there is enough talant and skill in their now to run. trust the people that are in place or get rid of them.

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Mar-29-14 10:21 AM

I thought the biggest issue amongst most of you folks was that this city is run by an "Old Boys Network"?? By putting the process into an outside firms hands I would think this would be a big step forward for most of you. As far as the comment directed towards Cindy turning the job down you weren't in the room when the contract offer was made to her???

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Mar-29-14 9:48 AM

If you read what is out there, the need for a new elementary school in Minot is dire.

I know, it's all my fault that the oil companies rolled into town, set up shop and threw a monkey wrench into the gears. So sorry.

The City of Minot will probably hire a company like Bain Capital and then Mitt Romney can be on the selection team so the handpicked new hire will have a bias towards the firm that hired him, and with that, must remain loyal to Bain Capital at the expense of the city's taxpayers.

How about hiring a private firm to hire the school superintendent and all of the school staff? Have a quasi-private school system with the taxpayers funding the private firm to disperse school system funding?

Hire Bain Capital to run the city and the school system.

Everybody who works for the City of Minot can lose their jobs and be re-hired by Bain Capital if Bain will hire them.

If it doesn't work out, I'll take all of the blame.

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Mar-29-14 8:57 AM

As with all of your posts, mule, the only solution to management and or government is to place leadership that completely follows your own philosophy and beliefs. Nothing else matters as long as it is what you want. No election is fair and balanced unless the outcome is what you believe in. So, carry on with your skewed beliefs as you obviously will and remember that the only decision that works is one that fits your philosophy and views.

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Mar-29-14 8:49 AM

it's so refreshing to see our tax dollars being so wisely spent. i sure hope the next person selected takes the job, rather than just applies to see if they would have been offered it or not.

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Mar-29-14 4:54 AM

It might be a good idea, but the citizens of Minot should vote on what private firm to hire. How could you possibly trust the people in charge to choose the private firm to hire?

This requires a vote to choose a private firm among private firms to choose from and the people of Minot need to make that choice.

While we're at it, hire a private firm to search for a new president every four years instead of having stupid people elect a stupid president.

It is a foolish waste of money to elect a president who doesn't know his left from his right.

The wise and prudent thing to do is vote to hire a private firm to make the choice, people aren't capable of electing a president.

They also aren't capable of voting yes to increase funding for a new elementary school and for a new and improved school system. They need to be taught how to vote to approve more taxing and spending of the taxpayers money while the government sits there with plenty of money of its own.

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Mar-29-14 2:02 AM

I would think you could have used resources already in play to look for a new city manager. I mean, if you can't trust your staff to find someone new then what can you trust your staff with? Once again republicans waste money

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