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Do you think gas prices will rise to $4 a gallon by summer?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
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Mar-18-14 8:37 PM

First off garr, even George W. would not know if the price or market would do...might go higher and oil reserves are not figured in gas prices but barrels of oil as you did.

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Mar-18-14 7:28 PM

I never said high gas prices where good. I was wondering why President Bush decided to fill our oil reserves at $4.12 a gallon instead of $1.87. It was a gift to his oil buddies at tax payers expense. How can you deny it?

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Mar-18-14 11:53 AM

sure garr, oil reserves are bad; high fuel prices under Omama are good.

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Mar-18-14 8:22 AM

The difference was Bush was up to his elbows in oil. He even topped off our oil reserves at the height of the market.

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Mar-17-14 8:56 PM

I would go along with that, MarkHighWater, as long as it isn't Hilary or Biden.

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Mar-17-14 8:41 PM

Not to worry folks, Obama has a phone and a pen. He'll take care of you.

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Mar-17-14 9:08 AM

Yes, without a doubt! Likely at $5 by early 2016.

Like most capitalistic industries which relies on profit to exist & satisfy it's shareholders, if quantity consumption goes down & costs to operate increase at inflationary indexes it will rise.

Americans are selfish,wasteful and hypocritical when it comes to rationalizing their extremes. The industry knows that & will use that to their advantage.

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Mar-17-14 8:18 AM

Every time there's trouble anyplace on the Globe the Gas Prices in the USA rise for two reasons.

1. Congress is involved with the Profit as Investors.

2. We No longer have a Govt. which tries to protect the people but clean out their Wallet instead.

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Mar-17-14 7:04 AM

Top of the morning to ya!

The price of gas has to rise, the oil is a finite resource, yes, it really is, and the decline of oil production is going to happen and is happening now. The problems in Ukraine are directly related to oil and natural gas pipelines coursing through the country, and availability of oil to Europe.

Within 10 to 15 years, there will be rationing of gas. Price increases are a form of rationing now. You can't consume 88 million barrels of oil per day without experiencing consequences that negatively impact everybody worldwide. For example, Ecuador fined Chevron 9.5 billion dollars for environmental damage done to Ecuadorian lands, invited the Chinese government and China oil interests to explore for oil in Ecuador, and China receives and buys 52 percent of Ecuador's oil. The US was left holding the bag, Ecuador had had enough of US corporations, it seems. The US lost because of Peak Oil.

No pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, just harsh reality.

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Mar-17-14 6:39 AM

Do you think Republican-led newspaper consortium prices will rise?

This West Virginia website is clunky, slow -- and quite often, the pages fail to load altogether.

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