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Should Minot schools follow Devils Lake's lead in dropping some longstanding activities such as boys and girls golf?

  1. Yes
  2. Maybe one or two
  3. No
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Mar-15-14 9:25 AM

I don't call Republicans stupid idiots because I am unhappy with them and want to insult them, I call them stupid idiots because that is exactly what they are.

I call Democrats stupid idiots because I am disgusted with what they do to Americans and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing what they do, but they aren't. They are just plain stupid for doing the stupid things that Democrats do. You can't insult them by calling them idiots, they're idiots, and stupid to boot. Not trying to fool anybody, just telling it like it is.

No hope for any change in idiocy from the former or the latter; that's how stupid and insane it all is.

No wonder they all play golf. They can't take the idiocy themselves.

Enacting laws that are not affordable by the average joe has got to be the stupidest thing Congress has ever done and the stupidest president ever elected signed the legislation into law.

They can play golf, I'll drink.

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Mar-15-14 7:43 AM

you bet they should be dropped along with our property taxes

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Mar-14-14 6:04 PM

Landslide - STEM has never been a bigger topic in education as it is now. President Obama's FY2015 budget calls for almost $200M in STEM-based initiatives.

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Mar-14-14 5:57 PM

I agree somewhat with FromND regarding the partisan bitterness on the editorial discussions, however it starts and ends with the MDN itself. If they didn't want inflammatory discussions they shouldn't write inflammatory editorials. That said, the paywall is becoming SOP for print as economic pressures force them to charge for content to stay in business. No argument there. it's a free market - therefore why wouldn't the enterprising individuals here tackle the editorial discussions for all ND newspapers to the North Dakota subreddit on reddit dot com?

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Mar-14-14 5:04 PM

Bismarck Tribune used to allow comments. Things must have gotten too out of hand.

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Mar-14-14 12:53 PM

How about this for a poll:

Since you have to pay for it now, should the MDN get rid of all the ad's and pop-ups that plague my computer?


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Mar-14-14 11:52 AM

This happens all of the time. It's as predictable as the sun rising in the east. A forum becomes popular, and the MDN forum is a popular forum, the owners of the publication/web site begin to balk because of the views expressed by some and then wean the 'offending' commenters by placing a barrier to access, registration, monitors, censoring, moderators, then banning, and if all else fails, force them to pay to access the content.

The owners can do as they please, but will soon realize that all they have is a choir that needs a preacher.

The denizens here have worn out their welcome and opinions expressed are necessarily silenced; it's bad to warn the sheep that a wolf is at the door.

You're a nuisance rousing the rabble, an outside agitator, in general, just in the way.

That's the way it goes moving west.

You can't play a game of golf in Devils Lake, you're going to drive it into the drink every time you tee off.

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Mar-14-14 11:28 AM

this sounds like a parents job not the taxpaier.

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Mar-14-14 9:55 AM

I still want Devil's Lake to bring back their former sports team name.

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Mar-14-14 9:16 AM

Texting is more important than golf any day and that might use more caloric energy and brain activity.

Legend can head up the department.

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Mar-14-14 8:45 AM

I love the way that I finally posted a comment to these dumb polls I can NO LONGER READ ANY ARTICAL'S. Your only concern is the al mighty dollar and not informing the people of NW ND. Keep fighting for the republiCON party MDN . . .not

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Mar-14-14 6:06 AM

No, it is better to increase taxes on property to provide the necessary funding for students who want to play golf.

President Obama would issue an executive order mandating all school districts build a golf course.

It is the most important extra-curricular activity in the nation.

Tax property owners so every student is issued a full set of Ping golf clubs, whether they want to play golf or not.

The homeowner is not paying nearly enough in property tax. Government spending is too low and the importance of increasing property tax is the most important issue that government must solve, especially for school districts.

A day on the golf course will do wonders on solving the problem of too little government spending.

A unanimous Congressional mandate that all students play golf by taxing homeowners more is the obvious answer!

Minot's school board would be all for it.

Eliminates those pesky people who dare vote no.

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