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Have you given up anything for Lent this year?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I do not observe Lent
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Mar-07-14 5:02 PM

I will trust a republican when pigs fly and I dont see christie flying anytime soon.Goinpeace

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Mar-07-14 4:55 PM

Lets start when mitch said I will make this A one term President..GOINPEACE

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Mar-07-14 3:28 PM

GoInPeace's Poor Comment- BOOM! Republicans just got served!

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Mar-07-14 12:58 PM

How about we give up silly hyperpartisan nonsense? Actually, could we do that for more than just Lent?

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Mar-07-14 11:54 AM

Thanks Legend... I pray to Our Savior every day.

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Mar-07-14 10:00 AM

Revolutionary blood runs in our patriotic veins. Christianity may well be the single biggest part of that blood. The teachings coincide with our constitution and accepted ways which make reference to God. Lent is a good reminder to reflect on that.

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Mar-07-14 9:52 AM

EB: John McCain (and me) said the high cost is the root of the problem. Keep the faith; the taller they r the harder they fall--and they will. It is all about 2 much money in some pockets. MRC: It is called religious freedom. Some 96% of us celebrate Christmas/Christmas giving--a Christian tradition like ash Wednesday. The word "separation" of church and state is not in our Constitution. The word is "sponsor". The masses who fought our revolutionary war and our funding fathers were primarily Christian. George Washington wrote a prayer about Jesus for the U.S. The MDN is not even Gov't. and has not just the right but the responsibility to acknowledge popular activity. I am giving up silence about the attacks on Christianity--4 Lent.

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Mar-07-14 9:21 AM

Yes, I gave up my yes vote for Minot schools. Now I have to vote no cause that all I have left.

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Mar-07-14 9:15 AM

Jeez, did we REALLY need to politicize a daily poll about LENT?!?!?

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Mar-07-14 8:10 AM

It saddens me to see all my republican friends in so much pain.No health care,no money to buy things,no place to live.Now you know what it is like to be poor.I will be praying for you.Goinpeace

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Mar-07-14 8:07 AM

I have given up on Hope I wish I could also give up Change too but it seems Obama has changed America for the worse and he seems intent on destroying her before we are rid of him in a few years.

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Mar-07-14 7:39 AM

I will be giving up my premium BCBS plan for whatever the cheapest and worst coverage is I can possibly find. BCBS just raised my bill almost 100 bucks a month again. It's more than doubled since free health care started.

What is so*****stupid about the insurance problems is nobody has ever even mentioned what causes the problems in the first place and that is crazy high medical costs. Some of the technology we pay for over and over were originally developed with taxpayers money and should be free to taxpayers. Ever since we started to see and hear more about hospital administrators it has all went to h e l l in a hand basket.

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Mar-07-14 7:01 AM

The only things Bary Soturo AKA Brarak Hussein Obama will be remembered for in Posterity will be his Pinocchios and outright LIES.......

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Mar-07-14 6:48 AM

I've given up on Barack Obama, but that was a long time ago, but the Lenten season works for continuing giving up on Barack Obama.

Nothing is going to stop that.

When President Obama is gone for good on January 22, 2017, it will be like the end of the Dark Ages and the beginning of the Enlightenment, a weight off of the shoulders of Americans, a great relief, and whatever other descriptions that can be written down in words to make it so.

Is it possible for Barack Obama to move to Kenya or Timbuktu or Nepal or somewhere where nobody will ever hear from him again? Anything, dear Lord, anything at all.

If you have to give up something for Lent, Barack Obama is the number one choice.

What's his popularity at these days?

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Mar-07-14 6:47 AM

Yes I will be giving up several thimgs because of HIGH Living Co$ts in Minot and the ever increasing Property TAXES !!

1. A Vacation 2. No Fishing Boat 3.No remodel of Family room

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Mar-07-14 6:37 AM

For Lent this year, the TP-MDN has given up on America.

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