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Do you think there will still be a white-tailed deer hunting season in North Dakota 10 years from now?

  1. Yes
  2. Very limited
  3. Doubtful
  4. No
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Mar-10-14 1:58 PM

Now the G&F are pushing turkey tags as if they were not also decimated the last few winters. They haven't learned anything from overselling deer tags after the numbers had already decreased.Luckily the hunters know there are a heck of allot less turkeys and don't even apply so the G&F end up with EXTRA tags. You would think they could use the same knowledge pool for all of the wildlife in the state.

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Mar-03-14 3:10 PM

I just hope you tea people don't decide to go first grader hunting again this spring.

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Mar-03-14 1:19 AM

LOL LOL AtticusFinch, And you think you do. What small people, who have to make up names because no one will talk to them. Have a Nice Evening.

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Mar-02-14 8:04 PM

" I don't care if the Bill Garr's and his many other fans and names believe me. I observe it everyday."

LOL!!! Missy1 really thinks she matters.

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Mar-02-14 5:05 PM

No Deer, No Pheasants, No Grouse, No Partridge, No Turkeys, Cut back on resident License, and stop Out of State License.

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Mar-02-14 11:21 AM

I've put on hundreds of thousands of miles in western ND the past 8 years. The number of deer out there is far below what it was just four years ago. A few hard winters and the G&F giving out too many tags def. took it's toll. I see very few road kills now compared to then also. However, it's just a cycle as it was in the 70's. It's how the G&F manage this cycle that will determine how long it lasts. And mother nature of course.

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Mar-02-14 10:49 AM

without new schools in Minot, how would we teach children about global warming

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Mar-02-14 8:32 AM

Vote yes.Goinpeace

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Mar-02-14 7:41 AM

I heard a rumor the G&F sell 14,000 non-resident archery tags at $100.00 or more for a tag. That 100 bucks a tag sure trumps our measly 20 bucks a tag. I suppose they will reduce resident tags and increase non-resident tags to get better returns of the public owned animals.

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Mar-02-14 7:19 AM

Knew several people that would apply for a license in th 80's and 90's that didn't get drawn as the number were far less than they are know. Just another cycle is all.

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Mar-02-14 7:00 AM

Yeah there are plenty deer around here yet too. I think the Game and Fish are the only ones who think there isn't enough.

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Mar-02-14 1:00 AM

I have many White Tail and Mule Deer. And 1 Bull Moose and 3 Cows running in and out here. At least 50 pheasants and many more at times. I don't shoot wild animals here, wish I could stomach it, I have too many coyotes and rac*****. I don't eat much meat and don't like killing something and eating it. By the way many oil wells, semi's and traffic thru this area too. I don't care if the Bill Garr's and his many other fans and names believe me. I observe it everyday.

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