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Do you believe Minot Police did the right thing in having a silver fox euthanized to test for rabies after it allegedly bit two people?

  1. Yes, necessary for safety
  2. No, there was no risk
  3. Confiscating the fox was unnecessary
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Feb-25-14 7:32 AM

Hey PL - the chimp reportedly was also a really really friendly chimp. until he ate the woman's face. Just saying.

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Feb-24-14 11:49 PM

Did it bite them? Was it an experienced animal handler trying to capture the fox? There is no denying the people broke the law, I can personally tell you at least 9 people who live in Minot that have Pit Bulls. Don't see the PD going out to get them. Was the law broken, yes. Was it handled correctly, no. I think there are too many people making decisions without giving it one though about the outcome.

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Feb-24-14 4:10 PM

Yes, bigger fish to fry than worrying about a wild animal.

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Feb-24-14 7:23 AM

Also from the state's website " Category 2 animals are certain protected species or those species that may pose health risks to humans or animals or may be environmentally hazardous as determined by the board. Category 2 includes all nondomestic ungulates, including all deer and pronghorn, nondomestic cats not listed in category 3, waterfowl, shorebirds, upland game birds not listed in category 1, crows, wolverines, otters, martens, fishers, kit or swift foxes, badgers, coyotes, mink, red and gray fox, muskrats, beavers, weasels, opossums, prairie dogs, and other ground squirrels. Owners of category 2 species must maintain nontraditional livestock licensure. A Permit to Possess, Propagate, or Domesticate from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department is required for some category 2 species. The PPD permit is issued through the Animal Health Division of the North Dakota Department of Agriculture." It takes a 10 minute google search.

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Feb-24-14 7:20 AM

This fox was a silver morph of a red fox, but still a red fox. This falls under category 2 of non-traditional livestock category which requires a permit to import and to have in your home.

Since this woman could not get one, they went out to another state and got the fox anyways because they said they were near a " Legal" zone and that they never took the fox outside. There are videos on youtube of the fox at the dog park.

If the woman had followed the law and never illegally imported the fox maybe there could have been a different outcome but her own selfishness which she was completely aware of caused this to happen.

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Feb-24-14 12:22 AM

I would also like to state that chinchillas are common carriers for rabies - yet I don't see people putting them down whenever they bite a child.

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Feb-24-14 12:21 AM

From your own state government it reads: Category 1 animals are those species generally considered domestic, or other species that are not inherently dangerous, that do not pose a health risk to humans, domestic or wild species, and do not pose a hazard to the environment as determined by the board. Category 1 includes turkeys, geese and ducks morphologically distinguishable from wild turkeys, geese, and ducks, pigeons, mules, donkeys, asses, ratites, chinchilla, Guinea fowl, ferrets, ranch foxes, ranch mink, peafowl, all pheasants, quail, chukar, hedgehog, and degus. Category 1 species do not require nontraditional livestock licensure, but must otherwise comply with laws and rules of the board." If I could bold I would like to bold the line that says: "that do not pose a health risk to humans" and "RANCH FOX." This is your own state LAW stating that Vader, the silver fox, was not a danger to humans health wise meaning their was NO REASON for his quick death.

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Feb-23-14 11:50 PM

By the way, where is the proof of the biting report? Over zealous, self centered, holier than thou people. Probably just a crabby neighbor causing trouble because of their own unhappy life. That is why I live where I have NO neighbors.

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Feb-23-14 11:36 PM

I have seen a silver fox in the wild. My Friend had a red fox hanging out at her place. I have also had my German Shepherd pin some trespasser on my property to the ground. Some people need to know that every bodies property is not theirs. I have signs out and if you ignore the sign, Oh Well.

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Feb-23-14 8:40 PM


They offered to, three times, because they were afraid of the police mishandling the animal, but apparently they refused to let them do so. Then the police went ahead and mishandled the animal, resulting in the normally extremely friendly fox (who had actually approached the officer with curiosity, beginning to wag its tail at him), being backed up into a corner scared for its life by strangers-then the officer, who was not even trained in how to pick up the animal, used his gloved hands instead of a catch pull to attempt to pick up the fox by the scruff of its neck-where it finally bit him, like anyone's cat or dog would in this situation.

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Feb-23-14 4:52 PM

My question and I might of missed the reason but there's been much transgression by the local trolls ...why didn't the owner willing cage the animal and help in transport to the clinic along with any paperwork proving they're contact with the needed agencies??

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Feb-23-14 4:33 PM

Where is takkek when you need him.NO.Goinpeace

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Feb-23-14 4:25 PM

How the eight legg octopus doing today.Better go bury that three headed elepheant becouse it's starting to smell.Goinpeace

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Feb-23-14 4:05 PM

- Prior to the incident, the owners received anonymous threats online by Animal Rights Activists saying they were going to report Vader as being a violent animal.

-Animal(property) seized without a warrant. No police report to give the owners about the alleged bite, nor any information about their accusers. Police were taking the animal without any investigation done into bite incident.

- An officer who attempted to take the animal was warned by both animal control and Vader's family not to corner the animal or grab it by the scruff of its neck. The officer did both and his gloved hand was bitten, initially stated that his skin under the glove was not broken.

- Animal was put down within 24 hours of being seized, without hearing or without informing the owners until after the fact.

- Whether the owners was allowed to have Vader or not, the state was aware of Vader long before to this incident. This was a citation issue, did not warrant removal of property.

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Feb-23-14 2:25 PM

goinpeas, calling people knuckleheads makes her a 100? really? tell me where you can get health insurance for $50.00/month. And cheaper than gym shoes? Do you buy gym shoes every month? Fox news had NOTHING to do with that. she was on the 2nite show. Of course, I guess the republicans made her say it.

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Feb-23-14 1:54 PM

You sure are reaching there gusty.Mule is a zero where The first lady is a 100. 100 is the best A person can be and zero is the worst.So do us all a favor and keep watching your faux and friends.We all need our daily laugh. Goinpeace

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Feb-23-14 11:46 AM

and before any of you libs jump down muleskinner for calling them numbskulls, Michelle Obama referred to the young people of this country as knuckleheads because they weren't buying insurance. and her words included the fact the insurance is as cheap as $50.00/month, cheaper than shoes. Muleskinner is following the example set forth by our first lady.

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Feb-23-14 10:30 AM

I have seen this problem in the past and it is nothing new and what happens is the police arrive at your door and remove the animal from the premises because it is illegal to house a fox within the city limits and the reasons are obvious, they present a danger to humans and anybody who can't get that through their thick skulls that are all bone and no brains can move to the frontiers of Siberia and have their pet fox.

Live here without a pet fox or move. Simple solution, numbskulls.

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Feb-23-14 8:29 AM

Would you like some dumb with that mule.The owner was wrong but saying the police did them a favor is not the correct answer either.Goinpeace

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Feb-23-14 7:36 AM

You broke the law and now have to face an actual consequence, stop breaking the rules and take some responsibility for the actions for once instead of blaming everyone else.....

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Feb-23-14 7:15 AM

A fox is a wild animal and anyone who thinks that they can be tamed is delusional.

Red fox carry the parasite echinococcus multilocularis that is extremely contagious and humans can and have been infected.

Fox are creatures off the wild and some good advice is to keep it that way.

The police did the owner a huge favor.

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Feb-23-14 5:15 AM

I would just love to see the Minot police go after a gator.Can anyone say lefty.Goinpeace

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Feb-23-14 4:43 AM


How about you actually google Vader the fox and actually see how he behaved before commenting, or are you too much of a hick to do your research?

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Feb-23-14 4:24 AM

the pet chimp that ate the woman's face was tame too.

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Feb-23-14 3:28 AM

I like how this poll deliberately leads people by making no mention of the fact that it was a tame pet fox, not some wild animal, and that the whole incident was set off by an anonymous bite report with no evidence to back it up. Maybe you should remake this poll with a somewhat more balanced question.

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