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Should Ward County place a moratorium on new residential housing developments surrounding Minot pending further planning?

  1. Yes, for certain
  2. Maybe for the best
  3. No, things are fine
  4. Don’t know
  5. Other
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Feb-19-14 4:57 AM

after seeing manufactured homes (for sale,been on sale for a long time at 229,000 ROFLAO) mixed in with stick built in the flood zone now, i would think a little planning wouldn't hurt.

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Feb-19-14 6:12 AM

Interesting,I didn't know Ward county had a say in what things took place outside/inside of the city limits. I mean who sets on their commision that would have the power to do jack .Goinpeace

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Feb-19-14 7:12 AM


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Feb-19-14 7:28 AM

Sure, anything to keep the housing market inflated. Now that Rents and home prices have started to drop, let's do something to raise them back up!

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Feb-19-14 9:24 AM

animal, thank you. go in peace is really making a fool of himself. It is kindof funny, but not if ne votes.

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Feb-19-14 10:30 AM

Great comments, animal/gusted. Now, could you address Goinpeace's comment direction instead of attacking the person. Or, as usual, that is all you have.

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Feb-19-14 10:41 AM

no let us build stuff the open market polices this and the county works for the public

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Feb-19-14 10:47 AM

Ward County defintitely has a say particulary in things outside of City limits. So, yes they could put a moritorium on building, but if they were to put a moritorium why just residential? The idea here is to plan things out ahead of development and then follow the plan. If they are going to keep building there needs to be plans for roads, water, sewer, etc. and those plans should be followed and implemented as development happens (not years later). Otherwise you end up with industrial next to residential, roads that can't handle the traffic and no avenue to pay to improve them, and unattractive disorganized development, etc. Then what happens is tax payers foot the bill to fix all of these problems later when they should have been addressed earlier. Planning is key and following and implementing the plans are more important than just having a plan completed and sitting on the shelf but not implementing it!

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Feb-19-14 11:56 AM

Common sense, brushdog.

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Feb-19-14 12:30 PM

Of course, Centerfield, I apologize. Please forgive us. GIP gets an A for effort, an A for contributing and an A for changing the meaning of set. I fail to understand how to address his direction. Does he think the CC is a bunch of people whoe meet for coffee? Just who does he think deals with things within county boundries? Without knowing that or without knowing his understanding of the divisions of powers within cities, townships, counties or the state, what direction would you want me to take? I believe it is his responsibility to ask questions to glean some understanding.

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Feb-19-14 1:22 PM

google Bakken fail, facebook, and see for yourself if there isn't a problem with oil development gone wild in the Bakken.

A go slow approach is going to be the wisest.

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Feb-19-14 2:25 PM

Gusty.I thought only the good ol boys made the big decisions on anything in Minot and ward county.If you know of anything different please let us all in on the secret.Goinpece

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Feb-19-14 3:11 PM

@ brushdog

"The idea here is to plan things out ahead of development and then follow the plan."


The Republican's plan was to give enormous tax breaks to oil companies, attract busloads of prostitutes and petty criminals -- then send the bill for the damage to the taxpayers.

The Republican's plan is right on track.

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Feb-19-14 3:31 PM

The world is going to end for this but I agree with PJ16, although I didn't see any Democrats jumping up and down trying to stop the development.

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Feb-19-14 6:13 PM

I agree with Brushdog...Green Acres is a perfect example of the city and county ruining a once beautiful neighborhood with no room for addition, the county let the building of Green Acres be built lot to lot and plus according to the abstracts, Green Acres was part of the 2-mile annexation and nothing was ever done to ensure anybody was applying by city ordinances when still in the county. If anything learn from past mistakes.......

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Feb-19-14 6:25 PM

Mark, we have too many people here that WANT a job to be a blue state. and it's too cold much of the year to march around here protesting whatever obama & co sends down as the latest 'distract the masses'injustice that He needs to right. lastly, due to the boom, mail service can be tricky right now and their gubtment chks might be delayed.

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Feb-19-14 11:33 PM

All I see are huge cabrini green housing apartment complexes going up everywhere...On bypass, behind cashwise, etc. Must be man camps in disguise.

Vote NO

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Feb-20-14 2:38 PM

"The state is SOLID RED Bird..."

Not so, based on posting done here by libs. You all live in ND, right?

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Feb-20-14 2:47 PM

you can't hold people hostage because the city/county can't get their stuff together. If the city/county can't get it together they need to hire people/companies that can.

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