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How much of the Super Bowl did you watch?

  1. First quarter
  2. First half
  3. 3 quarters
  4. all of it
  5. None
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Feb-04-14 8:11 AM

It was great to see Denver fall apart and gain another record of 5 count them 5 Super Bowl loses and 3 of the top 5 blow outs... great night..

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Feb-04-14 9:14 AM

Commercials and halftime show was great.The game should have made any vikings fans realize that maybe in ten years they may have a chance.Goinpeace

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Feb-04-14 9:41 AM

Fox Sports Network did a first rate pre-game show which solidifies the NFL success as a family involved event.

That was up until Bill O'Reilly's need to reaffirm himself as a political pinhead by indignifying his need to satisfy his base.One of the rudest interviews I have ever seen.42 interruptions with year old assertions that have been thru Congressional hearings are not Super Bowl material.

Shame on you!

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Feb-04-14 10:04 AM

Sure garr aka JustaMan/VERSITAS(r.i.p)

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Feb-04-14 10:09 AM

Didn't watch. Thought it would be a hard fought game. Was I ever wrong about that.

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Feb-04-14 10:10 AM

The game made me wonder if The Last Great Run by a Bronco

was 1994.

Los Angeles freeway carrying O.J. Simpson with a posse of Highway Patrol following.

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Feb-04-14 10:35 AM

goinpeace, man you are something?? the clown-in-chief was questioned about what has during his regime and you are all up in arms "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE"; the IRS scandal is dictator use of power; the Obamacare is a fiasco; and Benghazi Obama and Hillary have "BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS"

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Feb-04-14 12:13 PM

@Goinpeace... Whatchu talkin 'bout Willis?

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Feb-04-14 1:32 PM

VEGAS, you probably believe Christie did not know about a bridge closing for four days...right... Justaman was total right about O'Reilthemup as he was just pushing hatred to up his salary. The righties buy into Fox News hatred all the time.

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Feb-04-14 3:59 PM

I think I will ramble on just like the rightwing mafia blockers do.Na,more important things to do . Baseball is just around the corner.Goinpeace

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Feb-04-14 8:04 PM

Why watch tv when there is youtube?

The Super Bowl was minus the Vikings, so it doesn't matter.

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Feb-04-14 11:08 PM

How many republicans does it take to screwup the facts.Just one, need to learn small words so they wont get confused .Goinpeace

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Feb-04-14 11:10 PM

The red state of oklahoma wants everyone to live in sin.They are thinking about doing away with marriage.Goinpeace

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Feb-05-14 8:33 AM

funny.. repubs screw up the FACTS... Dems don't even know what facts are...goinginpeace needs to crawl out from under his rock and face the light of truth

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Feb-08-14 10:56 AM

"Men cannot tell what it is they feel or what it is they want.."

Considering most of the men I know, I respectfully disagree with this statement, LS.

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