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Can’t we all just get along?

  1. Some day
  2. We do now
  3. I don't want to
  4. Won't happen
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Jun-13-14 8:48 PM

Why are you still here? goinpeas

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Feb-03-14 7:28 PM

Time to sing along with 'Listen to the Mocking Bird' as garr steps up to the out garr as the tomatoes are very ripe.

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Feb-03-14 1:37 PM

I've been saying that this site should be fixed or shut down for a long time. There must be a way to bring it up to 21st century levels.

Some here would unless verified, would still fabricate names and addresses I believe...I could tell you right now who that would be.

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Feb-03-14 12:07 PM

"Anonymous media with anonymous posters supplied by anonymous money can answer the age old questions of race, religion & politics any anonymously way it wants..."

I'm not anonymous. Outside of Andrea Johnson, I'm the only one on here who actually has the courage to use their name.

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Feb-03-14 12:01 PM

Ask the blockers.They are the ones that wont do anything.I say to the President.Use the Executive order as much as you want.What are the blockers going to do about it.About as much as congress has done the last six years.NOTHING.Goinpeace

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Feb-02-14 11:45 PM

"We" is racist/sexist/offensive to someone somwhere somehow

Vote NO

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Feb-02-14 6:08 PM

Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Sure have you flip floppers by the flippers.Gotta go eat my superbowl meal.Babyback ribs yum,yum .Goinpeace.

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Feb-02-14 4:30 PM

The truth is,Just what I said.Republicans are the blockers.The bully at school who doesn't get their way.The thief in the night.The flip floppers.It's all about me philosophy. Facts are facts.They are in the books.It's history.Look it up.GOINPEACE

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Feb-02-14 3:13 PM

Another nameless idiom without a specific bone of contention, so it's only limited by an unrepresented imagination...

Could have produced a better answer if interactive picture association flashcards were viewable, but make no mistake (C) is the answer someone is looking for...

Anonymous media with anonymous posters supplied by anonymous money can answer the age old questions of race, religion & politics any anonymously way it wants...

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Feb-02-14 2:17 PM

I tend to agree centerfield and Hockey makes some valid points too.

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Feb-02-14 1:55 PM

We have many problems with the biggest being money in the system buying favors. It is not only the lobby system that is corrupting our system, it is the opening of the flood gates to hidden donors and the lack of keeping the message truthful. What we have is a country of hate and that fire of hatred is being fanned by the huge influx of money to corrupt the population. Fear and hatred sells and we have seen a huge increase in the volume and number of commercials, talk show hosts, tv shows, radio commentary, etc that pushes these self centered views because they make money doing it. We use to say the fox was in charge of the hen house, but it is now the money managers of self indulgent individuals/corporations that are the wolves in charge.

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Feb-02-14 12:28 PM

Although a valid point PJ if you look at other States as well, ND is right on track with the rest. Top 1/3 of the list for ND but there are several above us and below us. Point is, they are all getting money that is taken out on loans from the future generations.

polidork, I didn't specify red or blue, just givers and takers. Just saying there are getting to be too many takers (because they are entitled of course) for the population to handle and it WILL collapse eventually.

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Feb-02-14 11:26 AM

Speaking of Takers . . .

N.D. takes TWO DOLLARS of federal money for every ONE DOLLAR given.

The very definition of TeaPublican is someone holding out his left hand for freebies while his right hand points in blame toward others.

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Feb-02-14 11:24 AM

73Hockey: True that! Those red states use the most welfare, and it's time for the blue states to stop paying it. We're all sick of those poor lazy white people who live in trailers and cook meth instead of getting jobs and contributing to society. We're looking at you, Owsley Country Kentucky, which has the highest use of food stamps in the nation and is 99.2% white.

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Feb-02-14 11:17 AM

It's human nature to cause trouble for other people. There's no such thing as unity en masse unless/until there is a greater/graver situation at hand. That is when squabbling over small issues ceases.

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Feb-02-14 11:10 AM

Too many takers in the Country anymore with not enough givers. The Givers are tired of paying someone else's way and the takers keep saying it's not enough. Until this is fixed, not happening.

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Feb-02-14 9:25 AM

The rodent republicans would have the U.S.unemployment rate at thirty percent.We would be in another war.The rich would be paying one percent in taxes.Crime rate would be at a all time high.It's funny the only people that keep bringing up the race card are those who are the biggest sinners of all.Goinpeace

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Feb-02-14 9:13 AM

From day one the rightwingers, also known as the BLOCKERS were saying no.The lest bills signed into law,The lowest rated congress ever.The republican teabaggers should all be in timeout.Maybe if their mother would had raised them properly they wouldn't have grown up to such bullies and Mafia thugs.Goinpeace.

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Feb-02-14 8:26 AM

Kind of difficult to do when there are thieves out there walking into houses uninvited and helping themselves to property and belongings that the culprits do not own, but steal. Causes distrust and unhappy victims. People feel violated.

Gotta fence the goods if you want money and not the stolen items, so they are gone to find buyers that will pay them and not ask questions. A large city where there is an instant market for stolen goods is as a good as any.

Chances of getting along with everybody is reduced substantially with that kind of activity. Somebody mugged a frail woman at a parking lot recently and left her injured. She will have difficulty coping in the future, all because of one dastardly deed by a desperado.

We need to get along for our own good.

The Seahawks should score 20 touchdowns with the final score of 140 to 0.

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Feb-02-14 5:33 AM

Not as long as our president continues to cause race wars.

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