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How much did your Ward County property tax bill go up this year?

  1. Not much
  2. Hundreds
  3. Thousands
  4. An unfair amount
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Jan-13-14 10:41 PM

And then they approved to put a million in a bird cage. Obviously taxes did not go down enough. One alderman said he is gone because minoters want change. The most honest comment i have ever heard from our city council in 45 years.

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Jan-13-14 7:39 PM

Trending downward....just like the country's deficit spending....I feel I must believe that....

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Jan-13-14 7:38 PM

Mine went down slightly.....but after years and years and years of them going up substantially, I would have to say this one year is a trend....

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Jan-12-14 9:58 PM

There's an important election coming up this June and it could decide if taxes go up or stay the same. We need new blood in the city counsel and the school boards. There certainty hasn't been any regard for the working people in Minot from the current elected officials.

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Jan-12-14 8:40 AM

Mine are still double from what they once were, so the county has been robbing me for years now.

If I add it up, I can send the Ward County Treasurer a bill to refund more than half of the money I have overpaid in property taxes over the years just to keep me from filing theft charges against Ward County.

Half of the amounts paid to the Ward County treasury is definitely obtained by theft and extortion in my opinion. Local criminals in charge of the money always make you pay double.

Decrease the taxes by half and then maybe they'll be fair to the property owner. Otherwise, the property tax bills will be considered theft.

And if you don't pay them, they will steal your home too. That's how the statists work, they're criminals.

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Jan-11-14 7:56 PM

WILLGARR you can kiss my white working ******

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Jan-11-14 7:20 PM

i feel the best way to give yourself a tax break is to vote for people that run your public entities and do so responsably, just look for the show and doent put up with it.

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Jan-11-14 1:14 PM

Went down, I see people can't do math based on the poll results.

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Jan-11-14 12:31 PM

Mine went way down and from what I can tell the average was a 25% decrease unless you did repairs or new construction.

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Jan-11-14 10:38 AM

The tax went down thanks. There is no guarantee the tax will stay down because the county can continually raise the mill levy as most counties did last year. The best answer is for the state to pay 4 projects they approve and the voters to control the mill levy. Our "tax and spend republicans" in minot have shown they will spend money on frills like a sailor on payday. I say "frills" because flood control seems to be at the bottom of the budget. Since 2011 they have spent millions on other than flood control. vote no and hope 4 representative gov't.

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Jan-11-14 9:19 AM

Why was there no selection for:Went down. Because mine did go down! It was a pleasant surprise and a welcome one. If the da## schools would quit wasting money they might actually get them down to where they should be!

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Jan-11-14 2:21 AM

It went down. Your welcome.

Again and again.

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Jan-11-14 12:18 AM

Thank god the school tax didn't pass..

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