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Has transporting N.D's crude oil by rail become too dangerous to allow?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Undecided
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Jan-10-14 1:33 PM

Train composition could also be a factor in the explosions, crude doesn't explode unless ignited. I noticed all exploding trains included propane and ethanol tank cars, ship crude with grain, or something inert.

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Jan-10-14 1:32 PM

I hear it was so cold the "socialist progressives" kept their hands in their own pockets. "Socialist Progressives" want the oil transported by rail figuring there is a higher likelihood of an accident than a pipeline. Then there is the manufactured "coal dust" problem. Nobody has ever seen "coal dust" blow off the trains but it must exist. Just like unicorns and "fairy dust"

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Jan-10-14 12:37 PM

well i will say drill baby drill, just get more trains and move that stuff, or pump it, america i love this place.opportunity left and right

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Jan-10-14 10:45 AM

Thanks for 10 disagrees, I just made $50.

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Jan-10-14 10:44 AM

Sometimes Yes means No. Depends on how answer is calibrated.

ON etoV

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Jan-10-14 10:08 AM

Is it too dangerous for a ship to sail the ocean or is it worth the risk to deliver a tanker of oil to the New York harbor?

Remember the train derailment outside of Minot, ND that had a cargo of anhydrous ammonia?

Oil is not nearly as dangerous, nor as toxic.

Hazards exist all around us. Nuclear power plants that are damaged and melt down are here on earth. Nuclear arms, chemical weapons, there is a plethora of risks surrounding us all at all times.

Nor can it be stopped. Have to have all kinds of pre-cautions and safety systems, all in place, for humanity to continue to exist. You cannot ignore nuclear power plants. They must be maintained and must continue to generate power. China Syndrome is a real problem in Japan.

Live on earth is fraught with real dangers at all times anymore.

Trains hauling crude oil is a solution, not a problem. If there were less demand for oil, the BNSF wouldn't be hauling it all of the time.

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Jan-10-14 9:08 AM

Obama couldn't fix a*****thing......he has already let the bad guys back in Iraq.

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Jan-10-14 9:08 AM

Something happen and the investigation will point what the problem was. Somebody is at fault. It's not all BNSF here in North Dakota. It takes an industry to create oil and more than BNSF who is involved.

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Jan-10-14 8:30 AM

oblamer will get right on that as soon as He and moochelle get back from their latest multi million dollar vacation in hawaii.

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Jan-10-14 8:15 AM

Interesting that Obama has been asked to do something about the safety of oil transportation by rail because of this last train derailment AND one in Canada last year..

Seems some of his loyal jones followers think he should pass laws that would fix it here AND in Canada..

His loyal Jones followers think he can now decide what laws Canada should have..

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Jan-10-14 6:48 AM

Man Made Problem This Can be Fixed

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Jan-10-14 1:15 AM

Big Oil Is Dangerous

Vote NO

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