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Which will end first, Obama's presidency or his war in Afghanistan?

  1. Presidency
  2. War
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Jan-20-14 7:18 PM

Bring bush back,We like idiots in the white house like george w and george h.Goinpeace

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Jan-09-14 10:51 AM

So Michelle went to a sleep over at Oprahs..

How juvinile!!!!!!!!!!

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Jan-09-14 1:02 AM

President has chosen to ignore some laws altogether.

Vote N to the O

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Jan-08-14 11:04 PM

veritas How come you never defend Obama????

Just curious.. You rag on those of us who point out his flaws but you never come back and defend Obamas actions you just name call..

You have a serious problem.. Its called Obama hate.. Your a liberal..your Obama is a dork and you and your crowd voted in this dork and its reallly hard for you to swallow isn't it...

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Jan-08-14 11:01 PM

"veritas says.."

He is an angry old senile idiot

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Jan-08-14 10:30 PM

Wait, bush landed on that carrier with the war is over banner.

Obama is an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill.

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Jan-08-14 10:27 PM

The repuklicans are in league with the demoquacks. 1 + 1 = 0

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Jan-08-14 10:20 PM

This is much bigger than Obama. These Vietnam type wars have gone on and become peacekeeping missions under the guise of war. We went to Iraq 20+ years ago and never left, we bombed Afghanistan in 2001, still there. We achieved jack squat. Our enemies hate and mock us. America is weakened as Charlie grows stronger in the bush. There was no way to end these unpopular wars without getting messy. I miss the old us vs Russia days, much easier to focus on enemy then. Thank god we left and our leaving those crap holes. Those countries hate us but love our money. Wasted lives over there for politics. Everything Washington says and does is a lie. Nation of liars and thieves. Politics in every aspect of life, along with digital intrusions. Media corrupt. Leaders corrupt. God hated. America, how the values have fallen.

I voted no to Obama, twice and stand ready to vote the same on the school scam.

Question everything, trust noone!

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Jan-08-14 9:22 PM

When the President was elected the first time I didn't vote for him and told my wife we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. That time is long gone.

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Jan-08-14 8:16 PM

MarkWater......the POTUS inherited the BUSH/CHENEY debt/wars and unemployment.

Did Obama run for this job? If he didnt want it why did he run????? Whats his or your excuse..

The Wars came with the job.. so did the economy..

Why would anyone be so ignorant as to apply for a job he didnt want???

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Jan-08-14 8:12 PM

veritas says..Rather Obama got discouraged that his policies did not have the affect he hoped for and wished he didn't have to deal with Bush's War...

Another stupid bass remark.. The wars were going when Obama ran for Prez.. Did he think if he didnt deal with them they would go away? Or did he think that maybe the enemy would just give up becasue he was the man in charge??? What did he think???????? He didnt trust his Military leaders??? Hummm wonder why??? Is it becasue they were smarter then he was and he was on an ego trip???

Obama has alot of explaining to do to the Troops and to the familes of the dead..and to the Familes who lost their loved ones in iraq and now Obama has turned it back over to the Terrorists..

The ones Obama says he has on the run.. Those same terrorist..........

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Jan-08-14 8:09 PM

Read the book.. See the comments from Gates..

Obama was a failure and didnt truat his military leaders.. Joe Biden gave bad info at every turn..

If it wasnt in the book Fox would not be reporting it.. and to top it off I think CNN broke the story not Fox and Cnn was quick to agree with Gates..

When CNN sides with Gates Obama has a problem........ But then he has many many problems... both in the WH and inside his teeny tiny brain..

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Jan-08-14 8:06 PM

Whistler says..

Nobody needs to root for failure as failure is an everyday occurrence with Obama and his regime.

Yes and smoehow his failure is all someone elses fault..

He is not man enough (in fact hes a child in this game) to stand up and admit his mistakes.. Like everything else.. Its always someone else fault..

Its the games we played when we were 7 or 8.. I didnt do it dad He did it..

Then we go back to LIAR LIAR Pants on Fire and we have him lying 37 times saying the same lie over and over..

And yet its the Republicans fault the dumbbass lies????


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Jan-08-14 5:59 PM

I have ordered Robert Gates book. Although it will not come out from Amazon until the 14th. Should get it from the person that lived it.

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Jan-08-14 3:37 PM

Rooting for impeachment for 5 years..

Hummmmm Seems they cannot accomplish anything in 5 years..

Not last administration not this administration..

Still dragging their knuckles and doing nothing///

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Jan-08-14 3:36 PM

Interesting that the Democrats tried repeaedly to impeach Bush and Cheney but were never successful...

I wonder how that happened with the Democrats in complete Control the last 2 years..

Could it be they didnt have the brains to complete the mission once their mouth overloaded their ahoo

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Jan-08-14 2:23 PM

Another cut/paste from the whistler???

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Jan-08-14 2:10 PM

Assuming he completes his second term, Obama will wrap up the war Bush started in Afghanistan, and probably within the next year or so. Which isn't to say that military action there was an inappropriate course to take; rather, that war is "Obama's" about as much as the recession is.

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Jan-08-14 1:41 PM

whatsupdoc Jan-08-14 8:41 AM Agree | Disagree

You righties just don like allllllll the success he has had

Like getting 49 million on food stamps..

Like canceling the insurance of 6 million working americans.

Like killing people in Fast and Furious

Like killing people in bengazhi and never telling anyone where he was that fateful night???

Like lying to the NATION 37 times..

You mean those accomplishments alldockedup???

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Jan-08-14 11:11 AM

The wars will never end. There will never be peace in the middle east.

On a positive note, Bin Laden, Saddam and Kadafi are dead.

Vote No to US forces as UN peacekeepers

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Jan-08-14 11:08 AM

"I was elected to end wars" - Obama

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Jan-08-14 9:50 AM

d THE war has been going on for centuries--Bush thought he could end it. A major and total waste of tax payers dollars. Replace the word his in this question with-- the-- and you will have a valid poll question.

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Jan-08-14 8:40 AM

Isn't it Bush's war that he inherited????

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Jan-08-14 8:29 AM

promise Zones

More hope and change stuff.. More lies and deception..

Can he not do anything without having to make a speech about it??

Answer is NO! he feeds off media.. Without them he is nothing..

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Jan-08-14 8:27 AM

Oh thats right Obama took the office of the Presidency but in doing so he did not take on anything that was prior..

He left everything go and moved on to his prioities which was waging HIS war on America..

He ran on taking from the rich and giving to the poor which he actually took from the middle class and gave the poor food stamps and extended unemployment benefits..

But he spends more EVERY month on the stock Market helping the rich to the tune of 85 BILLION a month..

If he gave 85 BILLION to the poor every month things would be looking up..

Instead Obama inflicked Obamacare on the entire nation and now he is hoping he can start fininf people on March 31st just to prove how he can take MORE money from the middle class.

The rich have their own insurance.. the poor have medicaid and the working class will be expected to pay the way AGAIN>.

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