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What is your favorite way to pass time during a blizzard?

  1. Watch TV/rent movies
  2. Read
  3. Cook
  4. Venture outdoors
  5. Sleep
  6. Other
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Jan-20-14 7:16 PM

Can someone PLEASE tell me who lost again. I remember now.The republicans,You know the ones who cant win anything becouse they like losing.Goinpeace.

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Jan-07-14 1:32 PM

Interesting, Russ. I've seen the syndrome you're describing...

AS IF President Obama's policies should be questioned, at all, ever

AS IF there are any other policies other than President Obama's

AS IF there are any other thoughts than those of progressives

AS IF there is any other life worth living other than that of a progressive

AS IF ad nauseum...

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Jan-04-14 5:00 PM

Looks like one of the commenters hit pretty close to home, judging by the response from one of the poor offended "progressives" Interesting how the "progressives" have gotten offended so easily in the last couple months by "just words, only words" but if I saw my "progressive" utopias crumbling I'd probably be upset also.

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Jan-04-14 3:35 PM

Animal---Your such a great Amurian and a great human bean. Thanks for carrying my wait, I don't think Amurica could make it with out you. I been a terrable drane on Amurica all my life, but thank you Animal for doing you're part.

Hears a thout, may be all of use Democrats should be export so we wouldnt be such a berdun to Amurica, than there would be more for the real Amuricans...Republicans.

Until the Teaparty exports them to.

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Jan-04-14 1:18 PM

F. Voting NO

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Jan-04-14 11:16 AM

Now I understand where you lib. posters come from. By reading todays posts, you are all on the Gov. tit one way or another, because none of you are working, just sitting in the house looking out. No wonder you love Gov. hand outs and the king of handouts!I on the other hand have NEVER received a unemployment check or a welfare check. I have paid for my own health ins. my entire adult life, NO ONE has had to support me or my family! You libs. can't say that!!

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Jan-04-14 9:26 AM

Where's the choice to paint the house?

When the blizzard hits, I climb into my car and drive about 150 miles with the visibility at zero and 25 below too.

Makes for a harrowing outdoor adventure and an incredibly exhilarating experience.

Got stranded once, lost 4 toes and 3 fingers. Just one of those crazy things a person should do.


Stay indoors and complete one of those hobby projects that has been on the shelves for 20 years or more, and then next year, I can try to complete the project all over again.

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Jan-04-14 8:00 AM

All the above. That is the only thing good about winter is the easy time waiting to go back to work.

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