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Now that it's legal in N.D., do you plan to shoot off fireworks to celebrate the new year?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-01-14 12:09 AM

MH: As in 87 and 08 it will crash because a few make money when it does.

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Jan-01-14 12:05 AM

EB: Wish i could. Mythbusters experimented with heavy 30 cal. bullets and determined those would not penetrate the skin but could put a decent bean on the noggin.

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Dec-31-13 11:55 PM

Why is it that mandatory auto insurance is acceptable yet mandatory health ins. makes some spitting mad? These same mad people would quickly call those who do not buy decent ins. or any ins. "takers". We have this crisis only because wages have not kept up with medical costs. I started in retail after college and my first two employers paid all med. ins. In 1979 my share of bc/bs was $20 per mo. I can sympathise with low wage earners who cannot afford it. By all means light em if u got em--it is very patriotic to mimic "bombs bursting in mid air."

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Dec-31-13 10:57 PM

2013 was the best year for 401ks since the Clinton era in 1996...who's gonna complain about that?

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Dec-31-13 7:01 PM

And if you haven’t done one of those things – Medicare/Medicaid, buy insurance, pay the fine-tax-whatever-it-is - at midnight tonight you are in violation of Federal Law.

And when you go to a health care provider and tell the receptionist your insurance is “the Affordable Care Act” you are in for a big surprise.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, though, so wait until you’re really sick and then go get that Obamacare you’ve always been waiting for.

mmm mmm mmm, hope and change

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Dec-31-13 7:00 PM

whatsupdoc “The people who doesn't have the ACA insurance blah blah blah”

Disappointing news for you supdoc. The ACA is NOT insurance. It’s a mandate to PURCHASE insurance, or go on Medicare/Medicaid, or pay a tax-fine – whether it's a tax or a fine is still unclear; consult your tax advisor, and if he’s unclear on that you need to consult that unlicensed, unvetted, unknown “navigator” you’ll be giving all your family’s personal identifying, financial, and medical information to. To put on that unsecure hacker's dream of a website.

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Dec-31-13 5:16 PM

Who needs fireworks when you can just post something here like this:

Barry Obamboozler is STILL on his multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded Hawaiian Holiday Extravaganza, while you little people are desperately trying to get your health insurance back on his nightmarishly glitchy unsecure tax scam website and wondering if after all the “hope and change” you’ll still have a job when the Christmas bills come in.

... and then you can walk outside and watch the liberal heads exploding all across the land...

POP! Oh look, honey. That was VERITAS’s head popping. POP-POP! There goes NoTeat4Me and willgarr; I guess will’s fantasy came true this New Year’s Eve. POP! Oooh, pretty colors! Must have been PoeticJakAzz, all the way down in Leith. pip...sssss.... Oh, too bad, a dud. Must have been whatsupdoc...

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Dec-31-13 1:10 PM you can freeze and blow your fingers off at the same time.....WooHOO

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Dec-31-13 1:08 PM

LOL mules!

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Dec-31-13 11:37 AM

Be a good day to go deer hunting. Everybody will think you are firing off fireworks when in reality, you bagged a deer.

It's a great new law.

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Dec-31-13 10:30 AM

Less likely to start a grass fire now. Though any heat would be welcome. Happy New Year!

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Dec-31-13 10:28 AM

No, I am not wasting money on fireworks. However I am glad that they finally passed it to be legal. In all reality I don't remember the Government ever asking us if we want it outlawed in the first place.

People who say no, here is your solution, don't fire any off. If other people want to what is it really hurting you any? If you mad that you cant sleep, you need to realize it is new years eve, what are you trying to sleep for?!?!?!?!?

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Dec-31-13 9:54 AM

Check out how the folks in LA celebrate, many fire their guns into the air. There are always injuries from the bullets landing but they celebrate that way anyway. I used to live there and the gunfire is mainly in the old Mexican parts of LA, the people living in those areas have had family there for over 300 years.

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Dec-31-13 9:24 AM

All the freedoms that have been taken from us as citizens, and this is the one thing that got relaxed, somebody knows somebody!

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Dec-31-13 9:18 AM

No and No, again and again

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